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1/24/14 Liberry Cards

Mom came home from work and had some more stories to tell about the little kids:


(knock on liberry door)

(Mom) “_____, come in!  Class  has already started!  Where have you been?”

(kid, loudly) “I had a bad poop.”  (Walks stiffly into room.)

(Mom, observing) “Are you OK now, buddy?”

(kid, over shoulder) “Yeah, I’m fine.  It’s out now.”

*              *             *

(kid) “Teacher, guess what?”

(Mom) “I give up.  What?”

(kid)  “This book smells like chicken!”

*               *               *

(Mom) “______________, what are you doing?  I saw you jumping on that chair!”

(kid) “I didn’t know.  It was an accident.  I didn’t mean to.  I love your shirt, sweater, earrings, manicure and shoes.  Are you going to tell my teacher what I did?”

*               *                *

Mom says the kids are the cards in the liberry.  She also says “they learn young”.

Woof!  Love, Maggie