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9/12/15 A Bad Knee for Dad

Today was a day especially for Dad.

Last night, the family went “cosmic bowling” for fun and adventure. Somehow, Dad crossed the foul line and twisted his knee sliding on the slippery alley. Fun, and adventure!

Dad sucked it up and limped his way to victory with a couple of strikes. This morning, however, he wasn’t feeling so triumphant with a swollen knee. Mom gave him a knee brace, and when he bent over to put it on, I decided to help with a little flashmob to the face. Slobber, slobber!!

Nearly knocking Dad and his knee off the kitchen chair, I ran up the stairs with my toy in my mouth, hoping Dad would chase me. At first he said, “no”, but he couldn’t resist, and limped after me, thus the race was on.

Upstairs, I ran around in a circle while Dad tried putting on his pants (one leg at a time, of course).

Once he was dressed, I darted in front of him and then quickly pounced on my precious toy, dropping to my stomach. Dad was limping mid-lurch and hooked one foot under my ribs. Trying not to kick me, he came down hard on his bad knee and flew – literally flew – two feet through the air, through the doorway, and landed with his hands splayed against the opposite wall. He missed putting a fist through the glass picture by this/much.

On the opposite side of the wall, Jamie snapped awake and sat bolt upright, his eyes round Os of surprise at the sound of his father nearly breaking through the wall and landing in his bed.

Thinking this was wonderful fun, I tossed the toy out in the hallway and scampered after Dad. Mom was still in the bedroom with her hair standing on end. Quickly I darted under Dad’s ankles and nearly sent him headlong down the stairs. Dad grabbed the railing and said that it was time for him to go to work, that he would be safer there.

My work here is finished.


Woof! Love, Maggie