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1/2/2015 The Dutch Oven

Last night I crawled under the covers next to Mom with my tail by her pillow and my head sticking out by her knees.


I was a little on the gassy side. Mom said, “One more out of you and I’m going to give you the Dutch Oven treatment!” My stomach settled down not long after that.

Now, for my master plan. I leaned my head on Mom’s knees, and of course I looked so cute and adorable, she didn’t want to move. As the night progressed, I gradually scooted closer and closer, until I lay directly across her knees. Every time Mom moved, I moved with her. The upshot of all of this was that Mom could not straighten out her legs, and thus I cramped her style all night.

Threaten me with a Dutch Oven! Muahahaha!

Woof! Love, Maggie

9/25/13 The Joys of Sleeping

Last night I slept great on the Human Bed because of a “happy accident”.  See, Mom was in the bathroom, putting on her 15 layers of lotion (that tastes really good when I lick her on the face), and curled up in her spot next to the pillow.  Dad is still iffy about me sleeping on the bed, and he said, “Get that dog off the pillow!” Mom was all, “I’ve got to get into bed anyways” and tried – emphasis on tried – to scoot me over.  But all she did was succeed in getting my butt under the covers.

“Don’t put that dog under the covers!  Hey!  No!”

“I’m not putting her under the covers; she just ended up there.”

Well, once I got the feel of those cozy comforters, I knew…there was no way I was moving an inch.  Nope.  Besides, I was gassy, ’cause I gulped dinner down fast, and the blankets kind of muffled the fumes.  So it worked out for everybody.  I didn’t move a paw all night and in the morning, was the first to greet Mom as she groggily reached for the alarm.  Slurp!

Woof!  Love, Maggie