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12/7/14 Gingerbread Houses

As part of their ongoing Christmas rituals, the humans Mom and Jamie decided to break out the gingerbread and build some houses.

Mom made her own batch of “royal icing”, since she says the pre-packaged stuff never holds the houses together. Armed with this delicious-smelling “glue”, she and Jamie proceeded to turn the kitchen into a ginger wonderland:


I have to admit, I eyeballed the candy and licked some elbows to get frosting. Jamie worked on the 5 village houses, and Mom made the big manor house.






Woof! Love, Maggie

12/14/13 A Blog in Pictures

The snow started falling last night.  It snowed and snowed and snowed until about 5:00 this evening.  Although I’m not anywhere close to being a snow dog, I still ran around a little in the backyard:


But then I ran into the house and jumped into bed with my blanket.


Jamie was supposed to take the ACT this morning, but it snowed so much we had to reschedule.  He was the true living snow legend, as the snow blower punked out on him and he had to do all the shoveling by hand:


Later on, after things had settled down again, Jamie built a Gingerbread Train.  I was so excited for Mom’s Super-Sticky, Sweet Royal Icing and more candy shrapnel falling from the kitchen table.  But Jamie was very neat and used all the candy.


Most of the time, when Mom opens the back door for me to go out, I slink around the other side of the kitchen table.  But she shooed me out of the door and I frolicked in the snow for a few minutes until my feet got cold.  (Mom and Jamie had bought me some booties, but they were too small, so I have to get another pair).  When I came in, I ran straight for my bed:


Dad says I have the right idea!

Woof!  Love, Maggie