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2/20/16 NO CRATE!!!

Well I have big news over here! At least, it’s big for me!

Mom has been very sneaky of late. I think the whole family has been in on it together.

It started with Mom and Jamie going outside for garbage duty, picking up the mail, and so forth. They’d be gone a little bit longer each time. The other day, Mom and Jamie left to go to the chiropractor’s office and left me out alone, but in a few minutes, Erik came home – really, no big deal.

The next time Mom had to go to the doctor, she left me sleeping on the human bed (you will remember I blogged about that). It went very well, given the fact that I slept the whole time, so, today, Mom and Dad left me here in the house with NO CRATE for me! I walked to the window and watched them drive away in Zeus, the little orange Fiat. Then I went to the couch and sat like I was Queen of the House. And I was! Mom left the lights and the soft music on for me to enjoy.


Yes, you read that right! NO CRATE for me. Dad was smart and decided to leave the crate open. He figured if I got nervous I could go in it (no way), or if I felt anxious, I could rip up my crate liner (yes, way) instead of attacking the shoes. Mom even left her fuzzy slippers out ON PURPOSE as kind of a little test. I passed, I passed, I passed!!! Woofwoofwoof!

Mom told me later that Dad wanted to stay out a little bit longer, but Mom said that she wanted to be taken home.  She said she was worried about me, and that she didn’t want to “set me up to fail” and that it was her job “to make sure I succeeded”, whatever that means.

Either way, both my humans were super happy to see me greeting them at the door, not slinking or skulking belly to the ground because I felt guilty. Yes, I tore my crate liner up just a bit but that was OK. I was alone in the house and I did FINE. Dad said, “I told you so” but Mom was bursting at the seams, she was so proud.

I got a “sugar” dog cookie with some peanut butter on it, a lot of ear and tummy rubs, and Mom praised me in the “good dog” voice for quite some time. (sigh).

I know all my WP friends and family will be proud of me, too! I’ve come a long way!

Woof! Love, Maggie



2/1/15 7:30 a.m.

This is what I saw when I looked out the window this morning:


Jamie is still recovering, so Dad and Mom bundled up in layers and out they went to shovel the snow. They reported that the snow was so heavy, it was too much for most snow blowers. Even our neighbors who have big snow blowers were out shoveling.

Jamie was still sleeping. Naturally, I was Miss Spastic Anxiety Attack the whole time! But, I did watch them carefully from the front window. Mom was out shoveling and said to Dad, “I’ll bet there’s a puddle in the house from that dog,” but she was surprised to find that there wasn’t.

I was a good girl. I watched my family, I guarded Jamie’s bedroom door, and I didn’t poop or pee on the floor out of stress. I also left Dad’s shoes alone, which he foolishly left by the back door. I didn’t take the blankets, and I didn’t chew the pillow Jamie left on the sofa last night. I just watched and waited.

Mom came in dripping wet from melted snow. She praised me to the skies and gave me two treats and lots of petting when she got her wet coat and gloves off. It pays to be a good girl!

The humans watched the weather and the weatherman says that by 2:00 Human Standard Time we will be under blizzard conditions from freezing wind and blowing snow with zero visibility. Mom says it’s time for pancakes and hot chocolate and just being cozy in the house. That’s fine by me!

Keep warm and safe, everybody!

Woof! Love, Maggie

PS – Mom says Erik is coming home from Maui to THIS. Oh my!

5/12/14 My One Year Family-versarry!

Exactly one year ago today, I was adopted from the South Suburban (Chicago Ridge) Animal Welfare Society, where I had lived in a kennel for six months.

I remember it like it was yesterday:  a smiling lady and her boy came in, looked me over, looked at all the other dogs, then came back to me and pointed.  “This one!”  the boy said, “I like this one!”  My kennel number was 23, and one of the volunteers put a lead on me and led me to the back room for a “sniff and greet”.  I leaned up against these two humans to hug them and kissed them all over their faces and hands.  They seemed pleased.  I was happy.

But then I was put back in my kennel.  I thought all night about what could have gone wrong.  The people seemed to like me, said they wanted me – ?  I put my head down on the cold cement and didn’t sleep all night. 

The next day, some Shelter people took me to a big room with lots of lights.  When I woke up my tummy hurt and it was shaved.  I didn’t know what was going on, but found out later that the lady and the boy had in fact adopted me, and this thing I had to go through with my tummy was part of the deal.  I also found out that the lady had called the Shelter so many times to check on me that they finally asked her if she wanted to take me home immediately after the tummy surgery.  Knowing Mom as I know her now, her persistence does not surprise me.  My people DID take me home right after the surgery, and nursed me from a skinny 36 pounds to a muscular 52. 

I have learned so much in the past year of how to be a family companion.  I have learned little things, like not to be afraid of the Appliances in the house and to watch out the window “on guard”.  I have learned to be helpful and that, unlike my life before the Shelter, there is always a pet and a treat around the corner.  I tuck my humans into bed each night with a little kiss and then a big sigh as I lay down on my bed near them.  This year has been one of ups and downs, of loving, living, and learning, and I know my place in the home is secure.  I have learned big things, too, like I know my people love me unconditionally, just like I love them.

Happy Family-versarry!  I am so happy.  Life is good!  Woof!  Love, Maggie