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6/4/14 Jamie’s Graduation

Sorry I’ve been missing.  And I’m sorry I’m not caught up.  Jamie graduated Monday and the house has been up for grabs!

The kids had so many different activities before graduation:  A dance, an awards banquet, a Mass, a luncheon, then finally Commencement.  8th grade is over and it is on to high school!

The school stretched all these activities out over a couple of days, which meant the humans ran around clucking for a good long time.  Mom was acutely stressed, Jamie was quiet and thoughtful, and Dad didn’t decide what to wear until that morning when he got his clothes from the cleaner’s.  Good ol’ Dad.

Jamie looked handsome in his suit and tie, then he had to put on a funny gown and a flat hat.  He said he had to wear it to get his diploma.  Whatever that is!  I do know that afterwards, there was pizza (one of my favorites) and a good-smelling cake, which I knew to be chocolate and therefore didn’t get any.  I did get a couple of treats though, and I’d like to bark a big thank you to Laurel for coming to walk me and let me out of my crate on the big day.  Woof!

(Is anyone else having problems with photos not uploading?  I’ve been trying to get this photo of Jamie, just after he received his diploma, to load, and it’s not doing anything.)

Congratulations, Jamie and the Class of 2014!  I predict a pawsitively bright future for you!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


4/9/14 Con”grad”ulations!

Hi, Just want to let everyone know how proud I am of “lil sis” Vanessa over at farfetchedfriends on earning her Master’s Degree!  It’s been a long, tough haul and tons of homework, but I’m so very proud of you!  Love always, “big sis” Elizabeth

9/14/13 Graduation: I Did It!

After my tumultuous morning, I was ready to listen at Obedience School.  So we (Jamie, Mom, and I) piled into Zeus and off we went.  The instructors gave everybody a few minutes to practice, then we all had to sit by the wall until we were called, dogs and handlers, one at a time, into the arena.  We were put through our paces and judged.  We missed 1st Place Blue Ribbon by 3 points.  But I had an excellent score (Mom helped a little) and I got my Certificate and my gold Ribbon.  I worked hard!


Sitting, and staying! 

I think I’ve come a long way.


Stand, stay, and my Certificate & Ribbon!

Mom is starting me on Advanced Training (10 weeks) next Saturday.  By the time we complete this course, I will be able to be a hospital or therapy dog, and retrieve things and people (Search and Rescue).  Mom sometimes leaves me out of the crate when she has to go out now, and her only major issue with me now is that I still jump, but not as much.  I know training and a couple more birthdays on my part will correct this.  I feel more trusting and confident!  And this is good for my kind, for people to see me, and know that Pitbulls are not a bad breed.  Mom wants me to get all the training I can so I can go out with people A LOT.

I had a surprise when I got home:  I crashed on the couch and in seemingly no time, the doorbell was ringing!  I met my new friend Max from Aussie Pet Mobile Grooming, and got a bath and nails clipped right there in my own driveway!  No sitting around with other dogs, no scary kennels.  And I was done in under half a human hour!  Max was so nice, I even let him dry around my ears.  I usually don’t like the dryer, but he had me calm and relaxed!


Overall, it’s been a great day.  I feel wonderful and my family is proud of my accomplishment.  Plus, my fur is absolutely glowing and I smell fantastic!


I’m just going to relax and chill on the couch now!  Here’s looking at ya!  And thanks for reading!  Hope you enjoyed the pix!

Woof!  Love, Maggie