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12/25/13 A Quiet Christmas Day

We’ve had a quiet Christmas Day. In fact, I think I made the most noise out of everyone, chewing on that giant rawhide bone and carrying it up and down the stairs!

Jamie received a beautiful, shiny, silver train for Christmas.  I am intrigued by the noises it makes.  It also lights up.  Here are two pictures of it going through the tunnel:



When I see and hear the train, I try to jump on the train table to catch it!  I have not been successful yet.

I had to spend some time in the crate today while my people went to see Grandma in the rehab center.  Mom says Grandma is painfully thin since her operation.  Mom was very happy to see, however, that the rehab facility was more like a hotel; bright, clean, shiny, no unpleasant odors, a nice dining room, airy, spacious bedrooms, very nice staff, and she also reported that the place was beautifully decorated and quite cheerful.  Everyone had visitors, and Grandma was happy to see us.  She’s still a little out of it, Mom says, and was using a wheelchair today.  Dad says that is because the doctor does not want her to fall, but she should be able to not use one when she gets out around January 3. 

Thank you, and wild, uncontrollable tail wags to everyone who sent good wishes for Jim’s Mom.

(One side note:  Mom did take a video of Erik’s light-up sweater, but the file is too big, so she is working on that.  Hopefully it can be posted in a day or two.)

Enjoy your Christmas Day!  Woof!

Love, Maggie


7/19/13 A/C and Mom’s Birthday

The Air Conditioner is back on line.  The Repairman came and I had to go in the crate.  Jamie put the fan not too far from my crate and Mom turned it on so that I would be cool.  By the time the transformer was fixed, it was over 80 degrees in the house!  So I’m glad I had the fan.

I don’t like being in the crate, though. 

Grandma came over and I jumped on her.  A couple of times.  They are really trying to keep me off her.  Then Grandma said, “You’d Better Get Rid of That Dog!”

Back in the crate.  Mom said, “We are Not Getting Rid of That Dog.”  Mom does not look happy and in fact, she looks stressed out.  Grandma is here until tomorrow and Mom has to watch both of us.  I’m confused, because Grandma keeps saying to get rid of me, then she feeds me at the table.  I know she feeds me, so I jump on her.  Mixed signals from humans do not help me at all.

At least Mom is going to see a Bruce Willis movie tonight for her birthday after Grandma goes to bed.  I suppose I will have to go back in the crate, because of the jumping thing.  (sigh) I am not looking forward to going back in the crate. 

Well, at least Air Conditioner is working.

Love, Maggie







7/2/13 Thundershirt


(Does this shirt make me look fat?)

Tuesday I got my Thundershirt as promised.  Dad put it on me and I wore it for 10 minutes per the instructions.  It felt…weird.  While I did feel calmer at first, I found it difficult to walk because I’m not used to wearing any type of garment.  I mean, it’s not like I’m one of those Toy Poodles who dress up all the time!  Mom took it off and I gave myself a good shake.

I wish I’d had the Thundershirt a few hours earlier, when Dad was messing around with Vacuum Cleaner.  Barkfest 2013!  Dad couldn’t get Vacuum Cleaner to work, so it was just making a lot of noise for nothing, and he ended up taking it to the shop.  Dad came home with a new Vacuum Cleaner and my old nemesis, which Mom promptly ordered out of the house and into the recycling bin.  One down, one to go!

I have a new job as Security Guard Dog.  This afternoon, I lay on the floor near the couch, watching over Grandma (who is here for a couple of days) while she rested and whispered quietly to Ghost People that I could not see.  Mom says Grandma is talking to people who have passed on before us, but I didn’t see anybody come into the room.  But I’m watching all the same.

At dark-time, after tucking Jamie in bed, I patrol the house, double-check on Mom and Dad, give a pass by Grandma’s room, then bunk down in Jamie’s room to keep a sleepy eye on him all night.  His room is at the end of the hall and if anyone comes in, I’ve got a vantage point.  I’m on guard til morning watching over my humans.  And if you’ve got dogs, I’ll bet they are watching out for you, too!

Love, Maggie


6/15/13 Grandma, and the Rainy Day Rocket

Grandma is here for another visit.  Even though I was very happy to see her, I didn’t jump.  Well, to tell the truth, I would have jumped, but Mom was holding my collar.  But soon I calmed down and got a treat for not jumping, so it all worked out for the best.

Dad says Grandma has “dementia”.  That’s a big word for a dog, but I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why Grandma acts like a young pup one minute and an old dog the next.  It makes Dad and Mom very sad to see.  I try to cheer them up.  Mom says Grandma is from “The Greatest Generation”, and I know that has something to do with history from Jamie.  Jamie knows all about “The Greatest Generation” because he loves history, and always has his snout in a book about it.

Speaking of Jamie, I can’t jump on him, either, because he slept on his pillow funny last night and now he is walking around with his head on crooked.  I’m afraid to go near him.  This is one of the reasons I do not sleep on the humans’ beds.  You just never know what’s going to happen up there, and what if you have to make a dash for the front door and get tangled up in blankets and stuffed animals?  I know a Greyhound once who was sleeping on a human bed and fell two feet to the floor when she rolled over.  Nearly broke a leg.  Now Jamie is walking around all slouched to one side.  No, sir, beds are horrible places.  The middle of the kitchen floor is much safer.

Today was cloudy, wet, and rainy, so naturally I was feeling my most energetic and mischievous.  I guess I kind of turn into a rainy day rocket.  First, I sneaked around and chewed every pair of shoes I could find.  Then, when Mom opened the back door to let some cool breeze in, I bolted out the screen door, ripped around the yard a couple of times right through the mud puddle next to the swing set, then a clear shot back into the kitchen, knocking three magnets off the screen door and sending them flying every which way. 

Unfortunately, my paws were wet, and as I came into the kitchen at max velocity “hairy bullet” style, I lost my footing, smacked into a kitchen chair, sending it skidding across the floor, and bumped my head – hard – on the table leg.  Dazed, I shook myself, and drops of water flew everywhere.  Mom felt sorry for me, even though I got her wet, and felt my head all over for lumps, then gave me a treat. 

The middle of the kitchen floor is looking pretty good right about now.  I think it might be time to calm down and take a breather!

5/24/13 The Long Walk

This afternoon, Mom leashed me up and took me out in the car to the Forest Preserves and we went for a 2-mile walk in the woods.  I think it had something to do with me trying to bite her yesterday.  I have to admit, I was doing a bit of testing, because I kept trying to walk in front of her like I was Lead Dog, and she kept pulling me to the side.  I found the walk was much nicer when I wasn’t struggling and tugging and straining, so I settled down after a while. 

I was actually glad that Mom kept me on the short leash because there are hidden dangers in the woods, like humans running up from any direction all of a sudden.  Or worse, people on two wheels that come darting over the hills out of nowhere!  At those times I just froze with my ears up and stayed close to Mom.  Mom patted me and told me I was good.  Then she’d give me a treat.  She reassured me I was good on the walk.  I was happy to hear that.  After yesterday, I needed to hear that.  Then I was so tired I crawled right into my crate and fell asleep for a long time.  I don’t mind the crate so much, as long as it’s on my terms.  I can sleep in there without anyone petting me or bothering me. 

Grandma came back!  I’m so happy to see her! She’s really a nice dog person.  I think she’s staying the weekend.  So I know I’ll get something good to eat at dinnertime.  Yum.