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5/4/15 Bone Shaving

Today is a weird day. It started before the sun came up.

Dad took Mom very early to the hospital. That meant I had to do some time in the crate. Mom explained everything to me, so I did not fuss or bark. Jamie was still asleep, upstairs, and I let him rest and didn’t make any noise. Eventually, he came down for breakfast and Dad came back and drove him to school. But he didn’t have Mom with him. I wasn’t let out of the crate, either, and Dad went from school straight back to the hospital. Dad brought Mom home a short time later.

Mom told me she had this little bone sticking up in her foot and that it had to be shaved down. That sounded terrible to me. But, Mom came back home the same morning, and was walking with two extra, metal legs under her arms. I noticed her large, bandaged and booted foot, and very carefully sniffed everything over (after giving her a toned-down greeting) and decided that I needed to Guard Mom again.


I’ll tell you, in secret, what is bad about all of this. It’s not the pain because she has pills for that. Mom doesn’t like to sit still! She has to wear “the boot” for three weeks, and cannot drive during all that time!

Mom is already going nuts.

She labored up the stairs with the metal legs (they told her to limit trips on the stairs for the first day) and took a nap, put on her lovely pj’s, and cleaned up. Dad was in the kitchen, so I went to the staircase and stayed two steps behind Mom the whole time until she got into bed. Then I (carefully!) jumped into bed with her, cautiously avoiding her foot. Mom told me I am her Guardian Angel in White Fur and that she loves me. Oh, she told Dad she was fond of him, too.

Mom says she is done with the hospital for a LOOOONG time after this.

I will watch over Mom and keep you posted. It’s supposed to rain all week, so I’ll be on patrol in the house.

Woof! Love, (halo showing) Maggie

2/22/15 Feral Cats!

I could not believe my eyes today when I looked out the window and saw that the house – MY house – was surrounded by feral cats!

They must have a family out there in the woods. I saw two black and whites like this one:


and a huge gray with some tabby markings (I mean these cats are large):


But the surprising thing was a very large black cat that was perched on the neighbor’s fence. Reminded me very much of “Andy and Dougy” – very silky looking. I swear, it was there to snag a bird out of the bare tree. I mean, the cats have to eat! Mom wants to put out some tuna fish but she is worried if they come too close to the yard I might get them.

Here was the black cat – and then, when he got what he wanted, he was gone in a flash:



I spent the morning watching out of the window to make sure that the cats did not encroach the barrier into my yard:


I am on Border Patrol! Woof! Love, Maggie

10/3/14: The Operation

Mom had her operation yesterday and it was successful. Something called “Pathology” is going to give her results and tell her next week if it is “cancer”, but for now, Mom’s sleeping a lot.

When Mom came home, Dad put her in bed and I jumped up and sniffed her carefully all over. It had been a wild morning, with Mom and Dad leaving early for the hospital and me being stuffed in the crate at 5 a.m. But that’s beside the point. When Mom came back, I could smell blood, medicine, and bruises, on her. I carefully licked the bruises and needle sticks on her hands and wrists until Dad told me to stop.  Then I curled up next to Mom and waited.

For hours:


(Mom is in the big lump of covers)

And hours:


(I put my nose by her covered feet)

And hours.


I would not leave her side for a minute.

Finally, Mom got up and got something to drink. Dad took me outside and Jamie played with me with the laser light (I love that thing!) so that I wouldn’t be antsy.  Then Dad and Jamie gave me a bath. You know I ran around without my collar, but as soon as I was dry again, everything was back to normal for me.

I’m still watching over Mom, though.

Woof! Love, Maggie