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10/4/14 Update Time!

As you can see, I am really watching over Mom like a hawk.


That’s Mom’s shoulder, and I’ve made it to the pillow!

Seriously, Mom is feeling SO much better. She hasn’t taken pain medication all day, and she feels happy and energetic. Mom says she feels like a bad part was taken away and now, even thought it has been raining all day, she feels like the sun has been shining!

Erik came over yesterday and made everyone a nice dinner. He also fixed Mom’s hair and gave  her the “star” treatment as far as pampering goes. James has been all over the house, cleaning and doing laundry, and Dad has proven to be a master at making TV dinners. (Well, he still has to work, so he’s doing his best.) Everyone has sent Mom well wishes and she says she feels like a million bucks. She is a little concerned about what the Pathologist is going to say next week, but she is focusing right now on how good she feels and how nice everyone has been to her. Laurel even came over and trimmed my nails since Mom couldn’t get me to the groomer.

Mom is very happy with me. She says I am her Guardian Angel and Fur Baby. I know I have done my job well. Mom is getting stronger everyday. Thank you all for your care and concern for my human! Things are looking up!

Woof!  Love, Maggie