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10/18/14 Pumpkin Carving

Hi, it’s Maggie. Mom was feeling up to it so the humans had some fun “carving pumpkins”. They seem to have had a blast doing it:


This was Jenny’s second pumpkin carve and Vanessa (closest to you on your right) first. Jenny did a magnificent “Sailor Moon” that I didn’t get a shot of, but check out Vanessa’s first carve!


I think it’s great, even if it IS a cat. Here is a shot of the whole pumpkin family (minus the Sailor Moon, I think she was still working on it):


There’s Mom’s Jack, Dad’s angry face, “Elsa” by Erik, and “Mr. Hyde” (Jamie’s).  Another shot of “Ella” is here:


A little blurry on the pic, but a great carve by Erik!

The humans also made some tasty-looking caramel apples. Naturally I got a sniff but didn’t get a bite:


Finally, to round out their Fall Festivities, they put up the lawn decorations:


The Wiener Dog behind the witch says, “Happy Hallowiener!”

Woof! Love, Maggie

PS – update on doctor news re: Mom coming soon!

10/16/13 Vandalism!!!

So I heard the most disturbing story today while I was out walking with Laurel.  We had stopped by our neighbor dog’s house en route to the horse stables, and the man who lives there told us that his home had been struck by vandals!  Apparently, a group of individuals threw rocks at both his and his daughter-in-law’s cars, damaging them both.  They also smashed their Halloween pumpkins and smeared them all over!

His neighbor across the street had his pool cover ripped open, all his patio furniture thrown into the pool, and – worst of all – the hose turned on and put in their window-wells.  These are relatively new people to the neighborhood. What a terrible welcome!

Allegedly, these same vandals also struck the nearby elementary school, throwing the trash bins through the windows of the Science Lab and strewing the walkway with trash and fecal matter.  Hopefully, they have been caught on camera.

Mom is REALLY grateful that I’ve gotten so “barky” lately, what with me taking my Homeland Security job so seriously.  These vandalism incidents happened a block away from our house!  Buddy2Blogger (Sherlockian’s Blog) reminded us today to keep pets indoors on Halloween, as they are targets for tricksters.  With the “pranking” already starting in my ‘hood, this is sound advice!I’m on window patrol, watching and listening.  Homeland Security is my top priority!  Woof!!!  (Grrrrrrrowl!)Love, Maggie

9/28/13 Blabbity Blabbity Blab…

Razzum snazzum…computer issues all day!  Finally get to post.

I did not go to Obedience School this morning.  Mom spent all morning in the bathroom.  I kept looking at her like, “We are supposed to be somewhere!!” but…there’s an Imodium joke here somewhere.  Seriously, there must be something “going around”, with Mom and Jamie taking turns getting sick.   I hope my humans are all better soon.  Next Saturday, Jamie and Mom are supposed to run a 5K.  So I have to make up my classes during the week.  Say, what’s a 5K anyway?  Five different kinds of Kibble?  I want to go and sample the Kibble!

Anyway, this morning was kind of blah with us not going anywhere.  I kind of felt like Ms. Play Hooky: 



Then the doorbell rang and joy oh joy oh joy, it was Max from the Aussie Pet Mobile come to give me an oatmeal bath!  Max is, paws-down, the nicest groomer around these parts.  And hoo-boy, did I need that bath!  I had been rolling around in the crop circle left behind by the swimming pool and I was ripe even by my standards!  Now I’m clean and fresh:


Although I will admit that I look a bit like “Courage the Cowardly Dog” in the above picture.  What with it looking like my head is ten sizes too big and all.  But you can see how sparkly-clean I am!

The day had definitely taken an upward turn.  Then Mom baked the Peanut Butter Puppy Poppers.  And the day improved some more!  The only difference in the recipe was that Mom didn’t roll out the dough; she shaped them exactly like human peanut butter cookies.  I have to say, the house smelled fabulous and the treats are outstanding.  Mom says these are a great improvement on the liver biscuits she used to bake the Three Greyhounds.  She says they loved the treats, but it made them all gassy at the same time – someone open a window just at the memory!


(The delicious treats)

Then I kind of had a letdown.  I saw Mom’s Halloween costume.  (I know, it’s early, but these people like to be prepared).  I was having a nice chew on my latest indestructible toy when she came downstairs dressed as a –

Black Cat!  Heaven forbid!  My canine reputation is at stake, here!  I avoided eye contact with her, but she noticed and reminded me that I have to wear the “Rufferee” costume.  Now I don’t know which one is worse!

Anyway, everyone is in a Fall mood.  Besides the Peanut Butter Puppy Poppers, the house smells like pumpkin candles.  Which, I have found, are quite tasty, once you get the cardboard box out of the way.  Mom says I am going to make myself sick and put the candles on a shelf. 

I wonder exactly how high I can jump…

Woof!  Love, Maggie