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8/6/13 The Scene of the Crime


My hapless victim, The Leash

Today, Erik came over to do Mom’s hair, and, as usual, I was transported in joy.  Erik is one of my very favorite humans, and he has such a good dog smell, too.  I was jumping by leaps and bounds, and Mom and Erik were telling me, “Off!” (the command from Canine College).  However, I did not want to “Off!”  I wanted to be “On!” and acted accordingly.

Mom had the training collar on me and the leash.  They told us in school that if the dog is supervised, to keep (her) on the collar and leash, and let the dog drag it around the house.  The idea is to be able to “correct” the dog’s misbehavior with a tug.  So Mom has been following instructions, and I’ve been dragging the leash around.

I got a bit put out with being told to, “Sit!” and “Off!” and the occasional tug when I was feeling so exuberant.  So, I sneaked up to the landing of the stairs as if I were taking a nap, hunkered down, and chewed the leash in half. 

Then, triumphant, I came trotting downstairs, tail waving proudly, and jumped on Erik.

Mom is VERY upset with me.  She says we can use the small leash from the animal shelter, but she has to buy a new one.  Probably chain instead of fabric.



Love, Maggie


7/10/13 Finally, Playtime!


(Roughhousing with my tennis ball, evening)

FINALLY, the sun made an appearance today and I had a blast!  Practically the whole day was playtime.  I romped around in the backyard, chased the stick, played with my rubber pretzel (Mom cannot catch me!), slept in the shade, and watched over my humans swimming in the pool, which is too deep for me to go in.  Then Laurel came over and we took a long walk.  I was so glad to see her again! 

I took a nap and then in the evening, Mom broke out the toys and the tennis ball.  In between were lots of belly rubs.  I think everyone was in a great mood because of the sunshine.  I know I was!

Laurel did mention something when she came over that I wanted to pass along to you.  The South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago Heights is, at the present time, waiving all their adoption fees for anyone looking to pick up a pet.  They need to clear the shelter.  They are also selling cages, from what I understand.  So if you’re looking for that special companion animal, and you live in Chicagoland or close to it, now is a great time to pick one up.

While I was walking with Laurel, Jamie and Mom went to the gym to see Mo.  Then Mom dropped Jamie off at basketball, and now he is home, a stinky, sweaty, lovable human for me to focus all of my attention on.  Too bad he will soon take a shower and wash off the good smells.  You know, we dogs like different scents than you humans.  For example, I cannot understand why Mom washes the floor as soon as it starts smelling good, like leftover food and dog behind and hair.  Just as soon as things get interesting, she comes along with Mop and Disinfectant.  Phew!

Speaking of the floor, there was one nice big juicy piece of home-made peach pie in the glass pie dish on the counter.  Dad dropped it on the floor and it smashed and shattered all over.  Naturally, I was in the kitchen with him (at my spot by the sink) when the dish fell and was destroyed.  Dad kind of stood there holding my collar because he didn’t want me to walk in the glass and cut my foot.  Mom came in and picked me up and carried me out of the kitchen, then Jamie took me outside when that horrible Vacuum Cleaner came out and cleaned up the remaining shards.  Man, that pie looked good.  Too bad it was booby-trapped!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!  Woof!

Love, Maggie



6/22/13 Relay for Life

Last night I went for another of my little “moonlight strolls” after sneaking out under the fence.  I don’t go far – just to the woods next to the house.  However, I was quickly busted by the oldest boy next door and brought meekly to the front door.  Mom and Dad scolded me and I sat politely on the floor, head cocked to one side, listening to them:  “Maggie blah blah skunks blah blah coyotes blah blah strangers blah blah!”

We were up late because Jamie and Mom had been to the Relay for Life sponsored by The American Cancer Society and they were out walking the track.  Dad and Grandma and I stayed up, hanging out at home.  Jamie and Mom had a great time, and said it was for a very good cause.  They said they are doing it again next year.  Jamie and Mom would have taken me, but I still have the tendency to jump on people, so until that is a little more under control, I have to stay home.  I’m really working on this jumping thing, and do see some improvement.  There’s always next year, and I am looking forward to going!

Because I ducked out again, Mom isn’t letting me have free run of the backyard today until she can completely re-barricade the fence for the second time.  But I know that no matter how well she and Dad reinforce that fence, I’m just going to dig underneath it.  So, Mom sent Jamie to play outside with me, which is always a treat.  When we came in, Mom sniffed the air and announced that we “both smell like outside”.  While I firmly believe that Dad is part Cat due to his total fear of the water, I now feel Mom is crossed with Dog due to her strong sense of smell, especially after seeing her in action with that gum incident.

I wanted to close this blog today with a shameless plea regarding volunteerism and charities.  Although but a humble dog, I believe we are here to care for, and bring joy to, each other, whether we are animal or human.  Volunteering and charity work are a great way to achieve those goals.  If you can volunteer a bit of your time to work at a charity or helpful organization that means something to you, please do it.  If you can’t, but can afford to do a little money-sending, please do that.  Your acts of kindness will go far, even if you only send a couple of your human dollars. 

Thank you so much for reading today.  Sending you out a big tail-wag!

Love, Maggie

6/12/13 Monthlong Musings


(look – you can hardly see my spine anymore!)

I mentioned on Sunday that I’ve been home a month, and I’d like to go back to that for a bit.  My life has drastically changed in the time that I’ve been here.  Before this, I lived for six months in an animal shelter, caged in a kennel.  Before that, I lived as a stray, out in the streets.  At some time – probably around 9 months – I had a litter of pups and was kicked out of whatever home I had.  I don’t remember too much more.  Except for being hit.  Because I go into a cringe pattern whenever I see an upraised hand.  But I’m never hit here, so that behavior is going away, slowly, as I learn to trust.

I’ve learned so much in a month.  How to go up and down stairs.  How to open and close doors and drawers.  How to guard the house and my people.  I feel a lot more relaxed around the house, like I am home now, like I belong here.  I’ve learned the different sounds of the house, and not to tweak out about them.  Like the buzzing of Clothes Dryer when he’s talking to Mom.  Or Dad’s Frankenstein steps in the morning, when he wakes up and clomps around the house.  I don’t go into barking fits about either of these anymore.

My commands are much better.  My vocabulary has improved.  My jumping on people has gotten better…eh, slightly.  I’m still working on my separation anxiety and they still have to crate me.  I think I’ve made big strides.  I know I’ve got a long way to go.

Mom sent a letter to the shelter.  She read it to Dad so I heard everything.  The letter said that I was a “fine animal companion” and an “adoption success story”.  She sent pictures, too, so they could see I was healthy and happy.  I’ve put on weight.  I’m looking and feeling good.  Sometimes I think about the animals I left behind who are not as lucky as me.

So, I wanted to mention that you can sponsor an animal at your local animal shelter by picking someone out, and sending a small amount of money monthly for their care and feeding.  This will help them get adopted faster, and is a great program for animals who are long-term residents like I was.  I hope you nice people reading this will consider this option, especially if you can’t have a pet of your own.  It’s really very fulfilling and not too expensive.  Thanks, and I don’t mean to sound like one of those commercials on the TV Dad always watches.

Life is different for me now.  I’m very grateful.  Sending you love, licks, and tail wags,