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1/14/15 Bits n Pieces

Woof! Hello! It’s been kind of slow here news-wise. It’s been very cold, and I have been having problems going outside. Mom and Jamie are keeping a close eye on me though, and Laurel stopped by yesterday and we took a lovely walk until my back leg stiffened up on me.

*     *     *

Erik stopped over and I just love to see him. He holds me on his lap like I’m a baby. I wrap my paws around his neck and smile and smile. I feel like a little poodle when he holds me! Maybe, I’m part “designer dog”. They just have to build a purse big enough to hold me.


*     *     *

There is a basket by the hall tree that Mom tries to keep covered. But I have discovered the secret of sniffing inside and rooting out objects to steal away and chew. Shoes, scarves, gloves, all are fair game. However, I found something different in the pocket of a jacket that was tossed in the basket. It was Jamie’s old iPod Shuffle. I snatched it up and ran to my favorite spot on the landing. I’d seen Jamie with these thingies in his ears before, and I wasn’t sure how it worked. I could not push the button because of my long nails. So, I just chewed it.


The iPod Shuffle wasn’t happy about this state of affairs, and the headphones even less.

Jamie freaked out that maybe I swallowed a magnet, but a review of the remains showed no ingestion, just chewing. Hey, I love music!

Woof! Love, Maggie