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2/20/16 NO CRATE!!!

Well I have big news over here! At least, it’s big for me!

Mom has been very sneaky of late. I think the whole family has been in on it together.

It started with Mom and Jamie going outside for garbage duty, picking up the mail, and so forth. They’d be gone a little bit longer each time. The other day, Mom and Jamie left to go to the chiropractor’s office and left me out alone, but in a few minutes, Erik came home – really, no big deal.

The next time Mom had to go to the doctor, she left me sleeping on the human bed (you will remember I blogged about that). It went very well, given the fact that I slept the whole time, so, today, Mom and Dad left me here in the house with NO CRATE for me! I walked to the window and watched them drive away in Zeus, the little orange Fiat. Then I went to the couch and sat like I was Queen of the House. And I was! Mom left the lights and the soft music on for me to enjoy.


Yes, you read that right! NO CRATE for me. Dad was smart and decided to leave the crate open. He figured if I got nervous I could go in it (no way), or if I felt anxious, I could rip up my crate liner (yes, way) instead of attacking the shoes. Mom even left her fuzzy slippers out ON PURPOSE as kind of a little test. I passed, I passed, I passed!!! Woofwoofwoof!

Mom told me later that Dad wanted to stay out a little bit longer, but Mom said that she wanted to be taken home.  She said she was worried about me, and that she didn’t want to “set me up to fail” and that it was her job “to make sure I succeeded”, whatever that means.

Either way, both my humans were super happy to see me greeting them at the door, not slinking or skulking belly to the ground because I felt guilty. Yes, I tore my crate liner up just a bit but that was OK. I was alone in the house and I did FINE. Dad said, “I told you so” but Mom was bursting at the seams, she was so proud.

I got a “sugar” dog cookie with some peanut butter on it, a lot of ear and tummy rubs, and Mom praised me in the “good dog” voice for quite some time. (sigh).

I know all my WP friends and family will be proud of me, too! I’ve come a long way!

Woof! Love, Maggie




9/1/13 A Day of Firsts

The first was a day of “firsts” for me.  I think I’m making great progress!

Dad, Mom, and Jamie had to go to the store.  That usually means it’s crate time for me.  When Dad approached me to put me in the crate, I gave him my most sorrowful eyes and rolled onto my belly, paws up, pleading.  Dad stood there for a minute and announced, “We are leaving her out of the crate and we’ll see how she does.”  So, off to the store they went.  Dad ended up making his Gourmet Spaghetti for the first (and last) time.  He left a monumental mess, and Mom spent most of the night and the next morning in the bathroom.  But, I digress!

I am proud to announce that I didn’t chew anything up and I didn’t pee or worse on the floor.  All I did was a little…stress eating.  The half opened can of dog food I found was tasty, and the home made banana bread that was foolishly left on the counter was absolutely delicious.  I did test out the furniture a bit.  Springy!  When my people came home, they found paw prints on the chair, ottoman, and couch.  Finally, I jumped on the back door and threw the deadbolt, so that my people couldn’t get back into the house without their key.  Mostly, I behaved though, and despite a little garbage strewn around, Mom said she considered it to be a successful outing.  More successful than the spaghetti dinner!

It was also the first time I allowed Mom to vacuum undisturbed.  Part of the credit goes to Dad, who distracted me with my toy when Mom first plugged in my Old Nemesis.  By the time I realized that Vacuum was sucking up all my fine shreds of toys and dog hair, I was slightly worn out and decided he wasn’t worth chasing.  I got a lot of praise for this!

Not chasing Vacuum?  I guess there is a first time for everything!

Woof!  Love, Maggie