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Mom just got a text from cb (contrafactual.com) that Doug (weggieboy.com) IS HOME AFTER BEING MIA SINCE JANUARY 14!!

HOME and out of the hospital

HOME and with his kitties (or soon to be reunited with them)

HOME and hopefully blogging again soon!


Woof! Love, Maggie




10/4/15 The Tiki Bar

Mom survived the party with the Outlaws yesterday, and took her “revenge” on Dad today by making him complete the Tiki bar. Not that she didn’t let him watch the football game, but still. Today was a day of “recreational working”.

This isn’t exactly a how-to, but I want you all to know that I supervised this project very closely.

To recap, first Dad procured some pallets from his job (free) and the humans painted them with some deck paint.

Once dry, they moved them to the basement where Dad assembled them in a semi-L shape. I say “semi L” because the pieces weren’t completely flush for stability purposes.

Dad got out his handy power screwdriver. It’s noisy, but gets the job done.


Mom doesn’t like the sound of the drill – too much like the dentist.


As you can see, I’m keeping a close eye on Dad.

Once the pallets were stabilized, Jamie stapled on some grass skirting that the humans bought at the hobby store in the party section. The grass table skirts were about $6.

Dad and Mom went to the home improvement store, and bought a kitchen counter that was a little over five feet in length. At about $44, this was the most expensive part of the Tiki bar. Dad and Mom attached the counter to the skirted pallets with L brackets and screws.

Mom finished decorating the Tiki bar with things she’d bought at the dollar store. She took the stools from the kitchen that weren’t being used for the front of the bar. In total, the bar cost about $65 to make.


Because Mom hung a boogie board (also from the dollar store) behind the bar, she christened it, “The Boogie Board Bar”.

Here’s Dad, Erik, and Jamie all smiling for the camera! Everyone listened to some Hawaiian slack-key guitar music and had some refreshments.


On the other side of the basement, Dad put up the inflatable hot tub. We’re going to fill it next week!

Mom says it will be summer forever in the house. She says she’s very proud of everyone for getting this project accomplished (and for under $80, too!)

Woof! Love, Maggie

5/12/15 My Two-Year Family-versary!

Two years ago today, my life changed forever.

I was not much more than a puppy myself when I was bred, my pups taken, and I was kicked out, shivering, into the cruel streets and the snow. Cold, frightened, confused, terrified even – I still trusted humans enough to let the kind people at the Animal Welfare League pick me up and bring me back to the shelter. I was grateful for a temporary home and to be out of the brutal Chicago winter. I was incredibly sad about my puppies.

However, although I was out of the elements, my future was uncertain and the months dragged by. I got sick twice. I wondered what would happen to me. The bright spots in my day were when the volunteers took me out and played with me. I loved that. But my anxiety and stress increased every day. I had a large sore on the top of my head from where I’d taken to banging it against the top of the metal cage.

Then on May 12, 2013, I met the people that I knew would be my family. True, they walked slowly amongst the kennels and looked at every dog. But they kept coming back to me.

When a shelter worker brought me to the back room to meet them, I tried to explain to them that they were MY people, by kissing them, hugging them, and leaning up against them with all my might. Truthfully I thought my legs were going to give out from underneath me. I never wanted to let go.

Oh, the joy I felt! I could tell they loved me back. The pats, kisses, smiles, hugs. They never wanted to let go, either. I wanted to go home with them there and then, but I had to have a “spay” first. The nice shelter people were going to watch over me a for day or two after the surgery, but my new family was so worried that AWL let them come and take me home just a few hours later. It was a delicate ride, with Dad going very slowly and watching every bump and pothole!

Like I said, that was two years ago. I still remember every detail. I remember the smiles radiating from Jamie and Mom; the smell of Dad’s hand as he reached out to – very gently! – pat my fur.

My life is so different now, so changed, and not just because I have a soft bed to sleep on and Mom’s arm around me every night. It’s because I have a stable home, an adoring family, and all the love that my big, big heart can hold. Sometimes, I’m so happy, I think it’s bursting!

It’s so good to have a place called, “home”.

Woof! Love, Maggie


11/14/13 The Homecoming

I’m back.  Oh my gosh, I’m back, and I thought I had been re-homed forever.

It’ll take me a couple of blogs to get everything out.  But first, let me tell you about The Homecoming.

I had my day, which was so much like the others lately.  The man (his name is Daryl) took me to the Obedience College and we worked, just like we had been working at the strange house with all the other dogs.  I was tired.  I was itchy.  I was lonely and thought my family had abandoned me and that I would never see them again.  I know I had been a bit out of control but I couldn’t remember any specifics. 

Daryl gave me a bath with oatmeal shampoo.  It felt so good, and I wagged my tail at him so hard I chipped the tip and started to bleed a little bit.  Daryl put me in his truck, because it was cold outside and dirty in the school, and he wanted me to dry off where it was warmer and cleaner.

I lay in the back of the truck, wondering what was going to happen to me now.  I had done everything this man had asked me to do.  Was it time to go back to the crate?  But it wasn’t.

Daryl came and got me from the truck.  He brought me back to the arena in the school.  He put me on the lead and gave me all my commands.  I sat, walked, trotted, made left turns, made right turns, sat some more, stayed, and did the recall and return. 

Suddenly, Daryl put his hand in the air and waved.  From behind a wall full of black windows, My Family came out!  I couldn’t believe it was them!  Mom came out first, then Dad, then Jamie.  Perhaps they had forgiven me for whatever it was that I had done wrong, and came to take me back home!  I couldn’t dare to hope, but my eyes glistened and my ears stood straight up.  They walked toward me, smiling, and stopped at the entrance of the arena.  My heart was pounding.

Daryl had me at the sit position, but as Mom approached the arena, he let me stand up.  I wagged my tail; no, I waved it around; no, I spun it in a circle like the helly-copters that fly over our backyard.  I stood there, all my senses cocked and ready, my nerves straining, but I did not jump.  Mom scratched me under the chin and told me she’d missed me.  I looked up at her and saw the tears in her eyes. 

Then Jamie came over, and I was so glad to see him.  Daryl told my family, “only scratch her under the chin for now” and so Jamie did.  Then Dad came up, and I made a little submissive bow.  “She’s good for you,” Daryl said.  “She knows you are the alpha.” 

Daryl went on, explaining as he jabbed a finger at each human:  “You, she sees as the boss.  You, she sees as a playmate/littermate. And you,” he finished, poking a finger in the air toward Mom, “You are both female, so she doesn’t know what is going on.  Having her sleep in the bed is making it worse, because she is making you two equal.  From now on, she sleeps in her crate.”

I vaguely overheard the word, “crate” but honestly, I was so busy feeling like I was going to shed human tears, that I didn’t care. 

Daryl gave the lead to each member of my family, one at a time, and had them take turns walking me, sitting, returning, staying.  I did all my commands.  My family was proud of me and they all said that my hard work looked like it had paid off (at least for now).   Daryl said, “She’s all yours!” and we headed toward the door.  Daryl gave Mom a piece of paper and invited us for 8 Advanced Training classes, so he can check our progress and help us move forward.  Before we left, Dad bought a bottle of that spray that tastes so awful to take home in case I start chewing.

Dad had the big van to take me home.  I thought Zeus would be there, but I guess he’s too small for all of us.  I curled up on the seat of the van, next to Jamie, and closed my exhausted eyes.  I gave one thump with my tail on the seat.  I hadn’t been given away.  My heartbeat was starting to go back to normal.  I was finally, finally, finally, going home.

Love, Maggie

8/13/13 Home Again, and an Emergency


Home again after my stay at the PetsHotel from PetSmart

The family went on vacation for the weekend, and I went to the PetsHotel at PetSmart.

But first…there was an emergency.  Jamie went out on his skateboard and fell hard and hit the curb with his head.  He also skinned his knee very, very bloody.  When he came in the house he asked Mom, “Can you do something about this knee?”  Then he asked, “Is there anything on my head?”  Mom stayed calm, dealt with the blood and the lump, and called the doctor.  Long story short, Jamie does not have a concussion but has to take it easy for the rest of the day.  He’s pretty shaken up.  He’s usually pretty good about helmets and all but you know, the one day he doesn’t wear it…he’ll be OK though.

This stuff with Jamie happened about an hour and a half Human Time after I got home.  Let me tell you, it was quite the welcome back! 

While I was at the PetsHotel, I was treated like a Queen Dog.  Every day I had two sessions of individual playtime, peanut butter treats, my dog food from home, the nice humans administered my allergy medicine, and I had my blanket and a T-shirt of Mom’s.  At first I wasn’t sure what was going on.  Being a rescued dog, naturally I thought I was being given a different home.  But I realized I wasn’t in a true kennel and that Mom wouldn’t have given me such warm reminders of home if I wasn’t going back.

Everyone at PetsHotel was very, very nice to me.  I loved my playtime and they told Mom I was a good girl and a pleasure to have, and they couldn’t wait to see me back again.  But I admit, I really missed my family and this morning, when I saw Mom waiting to get me, I was filled with joy. 

I really didn’t know how to act, though.  I didn’t jump, but I gave a lot of kisses and tail wags.  There were all kinds of dogsmells at the lobby of the hotel and I was busy sniffing as well as greeting my human.  When I saw the little car and climbed in, I knew I was going home at last.  It seemed like I’d been gone a long time.  I collapsed in the back seat.

At the house, Mom and Jamie were delighted with me and I had a drink and some treats.  Then I lay down on my blanket that Mom had put on the floor, but I realized how exhausted I was from being in the hotel and crawled upstairs to go to sleep on my bed.

I took a good, long nap for most of the afternoon and Mom says Laurel is coming to walk me since she has to stay with Jamie.  I’m going to just lay around until then.

I’m glad Jamie is OK, and I’m very glad to be home.  Woof!

Love, Maggie