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6/14/13 To My Humans

I adore you.

I love you despite your imperfect points

Your bad habits, your flaws.

In my eyes, they do not exist.


 I am devoted to you.

I am faithfully yours,

No matter what happens

Whether or not you get that job

Or what the future might bring.


I am protective of you.

I would lay down my life for you,

If you were in danger

For my life is empty and meaningless

Without you in it to love.



I love our everyday adventures,

And every new experience

All the time we spend together,

Even if we don’t go anywhere at all.



I miss you when you are away.

I watch the door anxiously,

Or wait at the window

Listening for the sound of your car

Or the jangling of your keys.


And when it is time for me to leave this world,

To finally part from your side,

I will go, secure in the knowledge

That I gave much more than 100%

And with much more than my whole heart,


I am your dog, and my love is unconditional.