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10/14/16 My friends, the deer

The cloudy skies have (temporarily) disappeared, and the sun is blazing forth in a blue sky with plenty of sunshine but cooler temperatures. The house is about 65F, but Mom refuses to turn on the heat. She’s walking around in a sweater and boots! She says she’s delaying the inevitable, and hoping it warms up just a tad so she can reopen the windows.

Jamie, Mom and I went for a brisk walk in the woods. I can’t tell you how good it felt to be out in the crisp air, the bright sunshine, with the smell of fallen leaves, and the the crunch of acorns underfoot.

Besides getting some exercise and a snootful of sniffs, we saw a whole line of horses smartly marching single-file on a trail ride. (The woods we walk in are across the street from a stable). There must’ve been ten to fifteen horses; all differently-patterned, with proud tails waving. I stopped a couple of times, ears up, to look at them, which prompted Jamie to remark that, “she likes horses”. Mom laughed and said, “She’d better! If she got wise with one of those, she’d get a swift kick to the head!”

Upon our return walk, as we were heading for the car, Mom suggested we cut across a grassy field. It was filled with ducks, seagulls, and geese. As we were traversing this grassy plain, Jamie looked to his left and saw a beautiful herd of deer. About six total, parents and babies included. They are a little hard to see in this picture, but if you squint, you can make a few of them out:


One thing I really love, and have never gotten jaded about, is seeing the deer. Before we put up a fence, (which we had to, for dog reasons), we would find a whole herd of deer grazing in our back yard. To some, this would be considered a nuisance. We considered it a gift. Now, we sometimes see deer in the front, but not in the back. I realize with wildlife and deer there comes its own set of issues. But I prefer to think of the deer as my friends.

As I mentioned, it was a bit nippy outside, and when we came home, I found two blankets on the couch and promptly settled in for a snuggle.


I do hope that for all of you enjoying the season of Fall, you really get to experience some outdoors-time.

Woof! Love, Maggie


6/27/13 Pet Surprise, Part 2

Mom bought a big new filter for the smaller fish tank because she said the fancy goldfish are growing and the Fish Surprise is winning the battle.  I have seen her grimly cleaning the gravel with the Quiet Vacuum a lot lately, so maybe this will help the situation.

Jamie took this opportunity to ask if he could get a Betta fish for his bedroom and Mom completely flipped out.  “No!”  she snapped.  “I am cleaning up Fish Surprise in two rooms and Dog Surprise in the backyard.  There is (surprise!) everywhere and you don’t need more (surprise!) in your room!  I’m not getting another thing to clean up after!”

I watched this heated retort with great interest, head cocked to one side.  But Jamie didn’t return fire, he just looked crestfallen.  It is true that no one but Mom cleans up any of the surprises.  Dad will just point to them with his eyebrows raised and say, “Hmmmm?”

Mom used to say that if she was rich, she would get a horse.  I guess that is all out the window, now, even though dogs and horses get along great and I think it’s a good idea.  But somehow I can’t imagine Mom shoveling out great heaps of Horse Surprise.  Where would she put it?  We don’t live too far from a stable, and sometimes when I am on my walk I see the man driving a tractor full of the stuff down the street.  I could just imagine Mom driving a tractor full of Horse Surprise through the backyard and piling it up near the pond out in front of the house.  I’m sure the neighbors would appreciate it!

Makes the Fish Surprise look like an easy deal.  I think the horse will have to wait.

Love, Maggie