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5/17/15 The Ridiculous Weekend!

The humans are ridiculous.

I tried my best to remind Mom that she is supposed to be lying on the couch with me, keeping her foot up. Mom says she is “fine” and her foot doesn’t hurt a bit and that Dr. G. is taking the stitches out Thursday and she has things to do.

I have discovered that Mom is a 5′ 2″ bundle of determination.

Now you know from my previous postings that Uncle Rick came by with everyone and they took down the rotting old swing set. It’s been piled up in the “crop circle” left by the pool last year. After Dad got off work, Mom dragged him and Jamie outside to start piling the debris up at the end of the driveway for Monday’s pickup.


(Those are Mom’s hands and Dad’s leg and my head and the rest of the swing set.)

Then the humans pulled weeds, trimmed bushes, and prepared the crop circle for the pool. When all the work was done, Mom made a “crab boil”. Mom doesn’t usually eat meat, but wanted to try her hand at a crab boil. However, she couldn’t bring herself to boil live crab or lobster, so she sent Dad to the store for crab legs. Dad choked at the price and said Mom was evil. But he bought them.

Mom put potatoes, onions, corn, salt, Old Bay Seasoning, and the crab legs in a big pot and let everything cook for about 20 minutes. The house smelled so good, Dad forgot to tell Mom she was evil and instead said, “I’m starving!” Mom drained out the water, put all the food in a big metal bowl, and the humans sat down at the kitchen table to crack some crab legs. A piece flew off Mom’s plate and landed on the floor. I pounced on it, slavering.

That was about the time I discovered I don’t like crab. Ptooey! Dad said, “Do you know how much that cost? And you’re not going to eat it?!”

About an hour after everyone stuffed themselves silly, Mom started a bonfire, and since it was a nice night, we all went out to relax.

I am fully aware that it looks like Dad has a cig or a stogey in his mouth. But as you can tell by my rapt expression, it was an ice cream bar that Mom had given him. You can even see the wrapper in his fingers:


Today was even worse! Mom and Dad and Jamie worked outside ALL DAY. They put up the little inflatable hot tub and the pool. OF COURSE, they picked the windiest day to do it, and half the time was spent chasing the ground cover and trying to keep the pool from blowing over. I did have a lot of fun with the hose, and when Dad sat on the ground to connect the solar heater, I gave him lots of kisses. He spluttered for me to knock it off and go lie down.

I, for one, was not going to argue. All this activity exhausted me.


Because all the installation took such a long time, we don’t know if the filter and hoses are leaky or not. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow! Muahaha!

Woof! Love, Maggie

4/28/14 “Gimme Dat!”

Probably my favorite game to play with my humans is, “Gimme Dat!”

The game starts by me choosing a toy, bone, rope, stick, or the like, and prancing over to my respective human with my ears up and my eyes bright.  I take a couple of graceful little leaps to let them know I am in a playful mood.  They always fall for it.

Immediately, said human says, “Gimme dat!” and makes a grab for what I have in my mouth.  Tonight it was one of the indestructible Nylabones.  Mom tried to get a pic of me mid-air but alas, only had the following fuzzies to show for it:


Note, butt in the air, tail waving.  Mom says, “Gimme dat!” and I make a mad dash for the upstairs:


At this point, Mom was able to get the bone away from me and toss it down the hallway.  Scramble!  Pounce!  I win!

My humans are pleased with me, as I tended to be very mindful of my toys, and now I have learned to not be aggressive about them.  Mom has even taken a toy right out of my mouth with no repercussions from me.  I have learned that she is going to throw the toy, and then I will get it back.

Gimme dat!  I love this game!  I can play it all night.  Until I get tired, then I want to crash in my chair.  Unfortunately, tonight, I chose the ottoman, and rolled right off it.  Thump!

I played it off, though, by going into “belly rub” mode.  After I got my belly rub, I climbed back on the chair and settled down.


I’m a sleepy, good girl!  Woof!  Love, Maggie