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1/4/15 Shoe Chewing

I was mad at Mom last night. First, I felt she played a trick on me, because she was eating something and said how good it was. So I followed her around, begging, and she gave me…

A raw baby carrot. That and some uncooked broccoli. I chewed them up and spit them out on the stairs. What kind of joke was that??

Then, she yelled at me for chewing Dad’s shoes. I admit, they were his brown work shoes, but he needed a new pair anyway, so it’s kind of like I did him a favor.

Mom shook the shoes at me and told me I was a Bad Girl. That hurt my feelings! So when it was time for bed, I jumped up on Dad’s side and gave Mom the cold shoulder. I had my ears up and could hear her talking to me, but I wouldn’t turn around and look at her.

Mom said that at least she would be able to stretch her legs out (finally) and Dad said, “Hey you, move over,” then tried to get in bed. I lay there like a lump. After much moaning and groaning, Dad was able to shift me a little and get in on his side. I stayed there all night. I don’t know if Dad could stretch his legs out or not. Probably not. But I was comfortable, and still had bruised feelings, so that is where I stayed.

I thought things over, though, and wasn’t mad at Mom anymore in the morning. In fact, I was happy to see her, and floundered over the blankets and pillows to give her a big kiss. She smiled, and said she was glad I was, “over it”.

Next time I won’t go to bed angry.

Woof! Love, Maggie