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1/8/15 C-cc-cold

Brrrr! It is extremely, dangerously cold. Hypothermia in a matter of minutes.

Jamie put my coat on me but I didn’t wear it long.


Potty is not my friend these days. I went out to pee, and my hind legs got so cold, I was dragging myself back into the house with only my front legs working. Mom ran out and got me. She screamed for Jamie and they covered me up with blankets and got me warm and happy again. Then, Jamie braved the cold to shovel me out a designated “potty area” so I don’t have to put my feet in the snow. That made things easier.

However, I’m just going to stay in with a good book and hold it!


Woof! Love, Maggie

1/5/14 Hypothermia

Mom and Dad started the day off by listening to the radio.  I was surprised, because that usually doesn’t happen.  Normally, the radio makes a short, sharp, sound that hurts my ears, and then my humans get up.  I’ll stroll around to Mom’s side and lick her hand to let her know that it’s time for my breakfast.  Then she’ll scratch behind my ears, and go feed me, right on schedule.

Today they lay in bed, listening to the man talk on the radio program about the severe weather.  Mom looked outside and saw all the snowfall:  almost 10 inches of fluffy white stuff.  The man said it is going to get dangerously cold, and I don’t just mean the wind blowing up my tail, either.  I mean -40 F wind chills, schools closed, and everyone advised not to travel unless it’s an absolute necessity.  More snow is on the way.

After breakfast, everyone went outside to shovel, and I went into the crate to wait for my family to come in.  Then Jamie took me for a quick potty break:


Since I will not wear the booties, Mom rubbed some special salve on the bottoms of my feet. I proceeded to lick it off.  I like smooth stuff like lotions and salves.  Yummy.  I didn’t stay out very long, and I am refusing to go in the back yard.  The snow is very deep, and it bothers my belly.

Mom said we all have to be careful and watch out for Hypothermia.  That sounds like some kind of coyote or hyena to me, but Mom says it can happen while sweating when shoveling the snow.  Mom is worried if Dad goes to work tomorrow, because he travels in his car all day and Hypothermia can get him.  So, I’ve been watching out the window and growling.  Dad says that I am a good guard dog.

This is what I am seeing when I look out at the front yard:


After I blog this, I am going to my spot by Mom’s feet.  Mom puts her feet next to me and it feels warm.  I am so glad I’m not in the shelter on a day like today.  I am even more grateful that I am not a dog out on the street.

Woof!  Love, Maggie