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2/4/15 Guest Blogger: Mom “Don’t Blame God for Them” – A Rant

Hi, Elizabeth here. I saw something on FB that really boiled my blood and I want to share my indignation with you.

There was an ad for a hoodie with, “And on the 8th day, God said he needed a loyal companion and he made the Pitbull Terrier” for sale on FB. Now, Maggie is not a Pitbull Terrier. She is an American Staffordshire Terrier, but I digress. She is referred to as a Pitbull.  Underneath the picture of said hoodie, some lady writes: “Don’t blame God for them”.

Don’t blame God for them. Why would anyone feel such hatred toward an animal?

I realize, yes I do realize, Pitbulls and Pitbull-type dogs get a lot of press, most of it negative. I realize that, while these dogs were initially bred to capture rats, weasels, skunks, and other pests for their owners, that they have been used and abused to fight, often to the death (or death comes later, in the form of horrific abuse after losing a fight). But to say, “Don’t blame God” for the creation of these dogs? What was that person thinking? It is humans who pervert these creatures to satisfy their greed and blood lust. Tragically, these dogs are unswervingly loyal and loving. If “Master” says fight, then fight it will be.

Honestly, look at a litter of Pitbull pups and tell me they are monsters. Yes, they can be turned into monsters, but so can any breed if not handled properly. Given the opportunity, these dogs want loving and will love you back in a way that’s hard to understand unless you’re on the receiving end of their unswerving devotion. That’s true of a lot of dogs, too. It just ticks me off when people believe all the bad hype and don’t consider all the Pitbull therapy dogs, police dogs, military dogs, or just family pets.

I’ve never, ever thought that I would be a Pitbull mommy. Greyhounds were my thing and I actually had my eye on a German Shepherd the day we went to the Animal Welfare League. Jamie fell in love with Maggie and our lives have never been the same. Oh, she’s not as much of a couch potato as the Greyhounds were, but you’ve seen pictures of her on her chair and you know she likes her downtime. Yes, she is intelligent, needs intellectual stimulation and exercise to be relaxed and happy. News flash! So do most of the larger breeds or they get restless and aggressive. Why? Because they were bred to be working dogs and they need a job to do.

One of Maggie’s jobs is to tuck everyone in, even if they’re just taking a nap on the couch. She gave herself this job and appointed herself Tucker-Inner. Jamie came home from school tired today (he has been very ill and just returned to his routine) and settled down on the sofa with his pillow. He snapped this selfie of Maggie kissing the side of his head and tucking him in:


Mind you, Maggie was abused in her past life. If I raise my voice, she cowers to the ground and shows me her belly. I can only imagine what she’s been through. Yet, she gave humans a second chance. She “mothers” Jamie and comforts me. It’s more than we deserve.

You can be sure I informed that woman on FB that Pitbulls were misunderstood creatures and fine animals. No, I don’t blame God for my Pitbull. I thank God for her!

Your friend,