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9/19/13 How Bullies Begin

Yesterday, Mom and I went to pick Jamie up from tutoring after school. The parking lot was pretty empty since, of course, it was after school.  Mom parked Zeus and Jamie came out with the teacher.  Jamie wasn’t feeling well.  We were about to have another thunderstorm, and this time, the headache picked him.  So Mom was very concerned as we got back in the car.

Mom admittedly was preoccupied and didn’t notice the dark-colored car that parked behind and to the right of us.  Mom backed the car out and barely kissed the other car with Zeus’ tire.  Everything was fine, there was not even a scratch on either vehicle, and since both people in that other vehicle had exited the driver’s side, everyone was OK.

Mom apologized to the other lady and accepted full responsibility for the “incident”.  However, the other lady proceeded to ream Mom out with these made-up scenarios of “What if my child had been getting out of the car?  What if this happened?  What about if that happened?”  Mom said she was sorry a couple more times and the lady walked away, saying, “There was no damage.”  Mom said, “Wow, I told her I was sorry and had my insurance card ready and everything!” 

I’d say this lady over-reacted just a tiny bit.  And it was extremely rude of her not to accept Mom’s real apology.  The kicker is that Jamie goes to a “religious” school and you would think the people would have a little more patience, forbearance, forgiveness and understanding.  Guess not!

This is how, I believe, bullying begins.  I would, for example, hate to be a child in that lady’s house.  She obviously is unforgiving whether or not anything bad truly happens.  So if her child spilled the milk, I could just hear her saying, “What if that milk had been from the last cow on Earth?  What if all the herds were wiped out?  What if the starving people couldn’t get any more milk?”  And so on until the child feels totally humiliated.  Then that child goes to school and does the same thing to another child.  Insta-bully!

Children (and dogs) learn what you teach them at home.  People call Pitbulls a bully breed, but I think this lady was a bully and a terrible example to her child that day.  Perhaps this is why we have so many instances of bullying in schools:  because of the self-elevated, self-righteous, unforgiving parents at home who think they have to right to yell at someone even after an apology and admittance of fault is given.  Are people such hot-headed jerks?  I guess they are.

Woof!  Love, Maggie