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7/18/15 Birthdays, Agents, Paella, and Presents

Today is Dad’s birthday. Tomorrow is Mom’s.

Mom says one of the gifts she gives is making whatever the birthday person wants for dinner. It can be anything; Mom loves to cook. This was no mean feat when there were 9 humans living in the house. The birthday cooking is much less complicated now.

Dad didn’t know what he wanted for dinner. Last year, he asked for pot roast. “Pot roast?” Mom blinked, unbelieving. “It’s practically the hottest day of the year!” But pot roast it was. However, he was still undecided for this year’s celebration. “What’s something we don’t usually have?” he asked. No one seemed to have an answer.

Since Dad was floundering, Mom and Jamie tried helping him out. They made lots of suggestions, and finally Dad said, “OK, I’ll have steak kabobs.” But he said it kind of like Ralphie agreeing to a football in “A Christmas Story”, with a glazed look on his face. Mom could tell he didn’t really want the kabobs.

“I could make you anything,” Mom said, toweling off her hair. “Paella, for example. You like that.” Dad snapped up that suggestion like a worm on a hook. “Yes!” he smiled. “Paella! We haven’t had that since we went on vacation two years ago!”

Mom set about making the paella. She was glad to have a big project to do, since she was a bit bummed out from the news from her Agent yesterday. There still hasn’t been a bite on her book, and she was feeling a little down. I reminded her of how long I was in the shelter, and that good things come to those who wait. Mom agreed, and after giving me a few pets and hugs, felt better.

Soon the house was smelling delicious. Here is a picture of the paella Mom made for Dad:


The rice was scrumptious, and Mom gave me the chicken from her plate. Wonderful!

After dinner, the humans gave each other presents. Here’s an interesting one Dad received:


Dad liked it so much, he wants to get a desk to go with it – !!! (See, this is how things start.)

Dad and Jamie gave Mom a T-shirt and matching jacket. Mom loved it so much, she cried.


Striking resemblance, I think!

Happy birthday to all the July babies!

Woof! Love, Maggie