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112/17/13 Mom’s notes from the liberry

As you know, Mom is working in the liberry at school.  I peeped into her journal about the things that happen there.  Here are a few anecdotes:

(girl) I need help finding a book.

(mom) What kind of book are you interested in?

(girl) (twists hair in fingers) I want a pretty book, with pretty girls, and pretty pictures.  And a dancing kitty.

*     *     *

(boy) (slams book on table)

(mom) Hey!  Easy on the books!  Some of these books are as old as me!

(boy) So, you mean the books are 100 years old?

*     *     *

(boy) (checking out book)

(mom)  May I stamp your book, sir?

(boy) You don’t have to call me, “sir”.

(mom) Well, what do you want me to say?  Do you want me to say “hey you?”

(boy) Why don’t you call me Joe?  (long pause)  Cause that’s my name. 

*     *     *

(mom) Room ____ !  You are getting waaay too loud! You need to turn down the volume!

(girl) I love you.