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10/14/15 I Meet Ms. Nancy!

Today I met Ms. Nancy, who is an “agent” to Mom (and me). The road to Ms. Nancy’s house started two days ago, with another bath, and the next day a nail clip. The Vet also prescribed medication for my touchy motion-sickness prone tummy. That brings us to today.

Mom gave me my anti-stress half tablet at 6 as per usual, but when it was 10:15 on the dot (Human Time) she gave me a bigger tablet with just enough peanut butter on it to swallow down in a gulp. She said something about this helping me later, but I didn’t know what she meant at the time. Now I know it was the motion-sickness tablet! All I knew then was, “Heck, extra peanut butter!” so life was good!

I saw Mom getting ready and Dad came home early. (Jamie was in school, Erik was out). I just knew I was going in the crate and I cowered with my belly to the floor, giving Mom my most beseeching look ever. Mom looked at me with a funny smile and said, “Stop cringing. You’re the Shining Star today!” I didn’t know what she meant, but I noticed she didn’t turn on the TV (a sure sign that she is going out). Dad came in and said, “The van’s all ready, let’s get her loaded up.”

I was wild with joy when Mom got my (new) leash, picked up her bags and some blankets, and walked me out to the van. Oh, hooray! I was going with!

Ms. Nancy’s house is far away, so while we were traveling, we stopped at a place called an “oasis” for everyone to get a drink and do necessary business. There was a green, grassy place on top of the hill where I could sniff to my heart’s content and keep an eye on my humans. However, several large trucks came zooming past and they frightened me a bit. Mom reassured me, though, and soon we were back on the road.


I must say, the magical pill from the Vet worked like a charm. I relaxed and enjoyed the ride. I wasn’t stressed or nauseated in the least. It was a good driving experience, and I had the back seat all to myself!


When we arrived at Ms. Nancy’s house, we were a few minutes early, so Mom suggested to Dad that we walk around the park that was nearby. We did so, and I uncovered a downed bird’s nest and a bird that had flown to heaven. I sniffed at these things quite eagerly, but Mom hustled me away, fearing I was going to roll in this. I probably would have. (I’ve heard of dogs rolling in dead antelope, but that’s another story, from another blogger. Wink wink.)

We went back to Ms. Nancy’s house and we all exchanged hellos, and walked to her lovely garden. I could tell I was going to make a new human friend right away, because Ms. Nancy is a great animal lover and we got along very well.

Ms. Nancy has two fine cats, Mozart and Rene, who kept an eye on me while I was in their territory. They did not meow or fuss a bit, and for that welcome, I am most appreciative.

Ms. Nancy also has a lovely Koi pond with some of the biggest fish I’ve ever seen. They make Spazz look like an ordinary goldfish!

The humans had work to do, and they got busy. Ms. Nancy is extremely smart. For me, there was a lot to look at, and pictures to take, and scents to sniff. For Mom, there was paperwork to go over and questions to ask and answer.

But most of all, there were kisses to give, because this project boils down to love.


The time seemed to fly by. I lay down on the blanket Mom had brought, next to Dad’s feet. Before I knew it, it was time to leave. Mom was elated at having met Ms. Nancy in person. She said that one thing that really impressed her was Ms. Nancy’s steely determination to get the book published and her wonderful, positive attitude. Mom said she’s “A Special Agent” and I have to agree!

Woof! Love, Maggie

PS – A HUGE thank you to Cindy S. for providing transportation home from school for Jamie. Without your help, we couldn’t have made the meeting. Woof!