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7/2/15 I Want To Help!

Today, the humans took all the sheets and pillowcases off their beds and washed everything.

The house was alive with the smell of Gain and Downy! I sniffed the air appreciatively.

Naturally, with all the activity, I wanted to help.


I figured I was helping Mom by keeping the pillows warm.

Then we moved on to Jamie’s room. I sprawled formally across his unmade bed:


We are still working on the train room, and we are making an addition to the train table. We put in the roll of carpet (which will be used after we get the plywood home; it’s 4’X8′ and won’t fit in Zeus the Fiat). I, of course, was interested immensely in the new table and tried to jump on it as a display of my enthusiasm:


I would have made it, too, if Mom hadn’t put her hand out. Foiled again!!

Now the beds are made and smelling great. I (almost) can’t wait til bedtime!

Woof! Your helpful friend, Maggie

6/3/13 Bone Dry

Mondays are way different than Sundays, with all the cleaning up and work that has to be done around here.  Mom says everyone is “slack” on Sundays and leaves a big mess behind.  Even I could see that the kitchen floor was bad news, and I’m color-blind.  So while I basked out in the backyard in the sun and soggy grass, Mom dragged out Vacuum Cleaner, Mop, and a bunch of other stuff, including this spray for the furniture that smells like lemon pie but tastes terrible when you lick the table afterwards.  Yuck.

Now, I am a working dog, so don’t think that I just lie there and let Mom do all the heavy stuff.  No way!  My job is to check on her and make sure she’s safe.  I’m sure she appreciates it, seeing as she was home alone.  So, after she put Vacuum Cleaner away and started mopping the floor, I came in from the muddy yard to check her progress.  After I’d circled the floor to check her work, I went back out into the yard through the screen door.  Mom didn’t say anything, just got this look of what was, I’m sure, total appreciation on her face, and went and got the bucket again.  I did that a couple of times until she locked me out of the house for some reason.  When I came back in, the floor was dry.

Laurel came over later on to play.  I was really excited and happy, but watched my jumping.  I have got to admit, Laurel wore me out and that is saying a lot, considering Jamie’s new nickname for me is, “The Hairy Bullet”.  We played and ran around until my knees were weak and I could scarcely crawl into my crate to fall asleep til Mom and Jamie came home.

I don’t know why I didn’t ask Jamie to let me out when he was at the kitchen table.  It was later, and Mom was in the shower.  I knew she was, because I had just checked on her, and I still didn’t ask Jamie to let me outside.  I just squatted in the hallway instead.  Then I went back up to the bedroom and acted like nothing was up.  When Mom came down with me and a big basket of laundry, she almost stepped right in it.  Was she ever ticked!  Especially since she had cleaned the floor this morning!  So, for the second time today, I was booted out of the house until the floor was mopped and dry.  Bone-dry, you could say.