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8/6/13 The Scene of the Crime


My hapless victim, The Leash

Today, Erik came over to do Mom’s hair, and, as usual, I was transported in joy.  Erik is one of my very favorite humans, and he has such a good dog smell, too.  I was jumping by leaps and bounds, and Mom and Erik were telling me, “Off!” (the command from Canine College).  However, I did not want to “Off!”  I wanted to be “On!” and acted accordingly.

Mom had the training collar on me and the leash.  They told us in school that if the dog is supervised, to keep (her) on the collar and leash, and let the dog drag it around the house.  The idea is to be able to “correct” the dog’s misbehavior with a tug.  So Mom has been following instructions, and I’ve been dragging the leash around.

I got a bit put out with being told to, “Sit!” and “Off!” and the occasional tug when I was feeling so exuberant.  So, I sneaked up to the landing of the stairs as if I were taking a nap, hunkered down, and chewed the leash in half. 

Then, triumphant, I came trotting downstairs, tail waving proudly, and jumped on Erik.

Mom is VERY upset with me.  She says we can use the small leash from the animal shelter, but she has to buy a new one.  Probably chain instead of fabric.



Love, Maggie

5/24/13 The Long Walk

This afternoon, Mom leashed me up and took me out in the car to the Forest Preserves and we went for a 2-mile walk in the woods.  I think it had something to do with me trying to bite her yesterday.  I have to admit, I was doing a bit of testing, because I kept trying to walk in front of her like I was Lead Dog, and she kept pulling me to the side.  I found the walk was much nicer when I wasn’t struggling and tugging and straining, so I settled down after a while. 

I was actually glad that Mom kept me on the short leash because there are hidden dangers in the woods, like humans running up from any direction all of a sudden.  Or worse, people on two wheels that come darting over the hills out of nowhere!  At those times I just froze with my ears up and stayed close to Mom.  Mom patted me and told me I was good.  Then she’d give me a treat.  She reassured me I was good on the walk.  I was happy to hear that.  After yesterday, I needed to hear that.  Then I was so tired I crawled right into my crate and fell asleep for a long time.  I don’t mind the crate so much, as long as it’s on my terms.  I can sleep in there without anyone petting me or bothering me. 

Grandma came back!  I’m so happy to see her! She’s really a nice dog person.  I think she’s staying the weekend.  So I know I’ll get something good to eat at dinnertime.  Yum.