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9/20/14 A good day – at the beach??

Mom and Dad got up early this morning to go to the doctor for Round 1 of tests before the operation.  They did not put me in the crate; rather, opened the door to Jamie’s room and let me bunk in with him for a bit. Not that I let him sleep.  I was too pushy to get under the covers for that!

When Mom and Dad came home, they had something to eat and then Dad went to work. Mom said the people at the doctor’s office were very kind and gentle; nonetheless, she felt tired, wanted a painkiller, to rest a bit, and “pretend like the office visit did not happen.” Mom got into bed and I happily followed suit.

It is just the bare twinges of Fall.  The trees, which are too many to count since our back yard borders on the woods, have just a touch of crispness in the leaves. Only a few are starting to change color. Mom says when the wind blows through the trees, it sounds like gentle waves at the ocean.

Mom fell asleep and when she woke up, she pet my tummy and said she’d had the most marvelous dream that she was sleeping on a lounge chair, covered up in a beach blanket, with a cabana umbrella over her head.  She said she could hear the water gently lapping up on the shore, and when she woke, she didn’t know at first where she was, or if she had sand between her toes.

I am glad Mom had a good rest. After she rested, she, Jamie, and I went out and worked in the yard a bit.  The sun was warm, and it made a pleasing pattern with the plants:


It has become cloudy, and started to rain.  I don’t mind and neither does Mom. She said, “We had a good day at the beach, didn’t we, Maggie?” and laughed.  I smiled back at her. We did.


Love, Maggie