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1/24/14 Liberry Cards

Mom came home from work and had some more stories to tell about the little kids:


(knock on liberry door)

(Mom) “_____, come in!  Class  has already started!  Where have you been?”

(kid, loudly) “I had a bad poop.”  (Walks stiffly into room.)

(Mom, observing) “Are you OK now, buddy?”

(kid, over shoulder) “Yeah, I’m fine.  It’s out now.”

*              *             *

(kid) “Teacher, guess what?”

(Mom) “I give up.  What?”

(kid)  “This book smells like chicken!”

*               *               *

(Mom) “______________, what are you doing?  I saw you jumping on that chair!”

(kid) “I didn’t know.  It was an accident.  I didn’t mean to.  I love your shirt, sweater, earrings, manicure and shoes.  Are you going to tell my teacher what I did?”

*               *                *

Mom says the kids are the cards in the liberry.  She also says “they learn young”.

Woof!  Love, Maggie




112/17/13 Mom’s notes from the liberry

As you know, Mom is working in the liberry at school.  I peeped into her journal about the things that happen there.  Here are a few anecdotes:

(girl) I need help finding a book.

(mom) What kind of book are you interested in?

(girl) (twists hair in fingers) I want a pretty book, with pretty girls, and pretty pictures.  And a dancing kitty.

*     *     *

(boy) (slams book on table)

(mom) Hey!  Easy on the books!  Some of these books are as old as me!

(boy) So, you mean the books are 100 years old?

*     *     *

(boy) (checking out book)

(mom)  May I stamp your book, sir?

(boy) You don’t have to call me, “sir”.

(mom) Well, what do you want me to say?  Do you want me to say “hey you?”

(boy) Why don’t you call me Joe?  (long pause)  Cause that’s my name. 

*     *     *

(mom) Room ____ !  You are getting waaay too loud! You need to turn down the volume!

(girl) I love you.


11/13/13 …It’s Been A Weird Two Weeks

It’s been a weird two weeks without Maggie.  I go pick her up tonight at 9:00.  I know that is late, especially since I have to work on commands with the trainer afterwards, but I think the reasoning is that there is one more Obedience Class ending at 8:30 that she is scheduled to attend.

The trainer wasn’t overly-communicative with me while Maggie was gone.  All I know is that she was doing well and was a good girl throughout the process.  I expect to have a lot more information later.

Since Maggie hasn’t had access to a computer, she hasn’t blogged.  I’d like to thank everyone who’s stuck with her during this time, though.  I know she has a lot of blogroll reading and catching up to do.  I’m sure Maggie herself will have a lot to say, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the next days and weeks develop.

A couple have things have changed on the human front since Mags left:  my son Erik moved back in and he brought 2 small dogs with  him.  They will be confined to the downstairs area where he lives, which is sizable enough, and there are precautions in place; however, how Maggie relates with other dogs is going to be an interesting situation.  I hope beyond hope that it will be a safe and compatible one.  I did tell Erik he needed to have a “Plan B” in place in the event Mags does not do well with his animals.  This is, after all, Maggie’s home and I do not want her to be unduly stressed.  I also don’t want my dog in a situation where she is bound to fail.

During this time, I was also hired at the library at school where I have been volunteering.  I am extremely pleased to be working with the children and with the books.  I do love this work.  I was given the excellent suggestion of doggie day care by cb from Contrafactual to care for Mags so she is not unduly in the crate while I am working.  Also, when things looked bleak and I could not see my way past the two weeks Maggie was gone, I received a lovely coffee mug from Vanessa from farfetchedfriends.  This mug had seven pictures of Maggie on it and it says, “Forever Our Girl”.  I can’t tell you how uplifted and touched I felt after receiving that gift.

Jamie says that Maggie returning to blogging will be “the greatest comeback in WordPress history” and I hope that he is right.  For now, however, please wish us all luck, and lots of tail wags and dogsmiles.

Your friend,