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9/2/13 Guest Blogger: Mom Speaks Again, “Reflections”


My fur baby, Maggie

It sounds cliche to say that having my first child changed my life, but it did.  I had hoped for a strapping baby boy, and I definitely got my wish!  Much later, and better prepared for parenthood (I thought), I welcomed my second son.  However, I was sick with anxiety and post-partum depression, and had horrible nightmares of dropping the new baby down the stairs, over the railing, or some other unimaginable tragedy, always with the same, inevitable result.  I spent a lot of time in a cold sweat, nerves jumping up and down as if on a psychological trampoline.

One of the ways I found some relief was to rest with my infant son.  With my hand on his chest, listening to him breathe, a feeling of relaxation would sweep over me, soothing my anxious brain like a lullaby.

Time has passed and my children have grown.  No longer can I lie with my hand over their hearts, marveling at their capacity to soothe and heal.

In May of this year, I adopted my fur baby, an American Staffordshire Terrier named Maggie.  True to her two-legged brothers, she has the wonderful power to settle down and heal her human mother.  Time after time, when Life has chewed me up, I call to my dog and lie with her, stroking her chest or back as the demons work their way out of my brain.  Patiently she stays by my side while my nerves un-frazzle.  It is a continual source of consternation and amazement to me that others would fight these nurturing creatures, or limit people’s ability to have one as a companion.   Am I going to win any Better Homes & Gardens awards for my sparkly-clean house?  No.  In the earlier years, my home had a wealth of toy trains, cars, airplanes, robots, Disney movies, and Cheerios dotting the carpet and furniture.  Now, my house is littered with shreds of “guaranteed indestructible” dog toys, dog accessories, dog-hair dust bunnies and the like,  but, I don’t care, because in my fractured daily existence, my dog helps keep me whole.  And that is far more important than a perfect house.  It makes the kids growing up a little easier, too.  Thank you, Maggie.


8/2/13 Just Blogging


Me, with a chew toy, when I’m not blogging.

I’m feeling a little better today.  I’ve had a rough couple of days with my allergies.  The day before yesterday, I was REALLY hyper from itching.  Then yesterday, with all the medicine I’m taking, I felt a little bit down.  Today I’m feeling more like myself, playing, chewing, snatching a bag of model airplanes from Jamie’s room…OK so I’m not proud of the last one.  Don’t judge me!

Jamie saw a T-shirt online that said, “Don’t judge my Pitbull and I won’t judge your kids”.  He really thought that was a good one, especially since he says, “There’s always a screaming kid somewhere.” (Jamie is a very old man disguised as a 13 year-old.)  I kind of feel bad about taking his airplanes, but I’m sure I’ll forget about it soon.

I have Canine College tomorrow.  Mom, Jamie, and Laurel have been working on my commands with me.  I hope I do well.  I do feel I have to protect Mom from that big German Shepherd that’s there, even though she says it’s OK.  The one thing I don’t like is the training collar.  I managed to slip it off today and when Mom tried to put it back on my neck, I stuck my snout all the way on the ground so she couldn’t do it at first.  She managed, though.  When she’s preoccupied, I’m going to take it off again.

I’m going for a bath, too, after school, and that’s going to feel great.  Mom would have taken me today, but she applied Frontline between my shoulders the other day and had to wait 48 hours before bathing.  That bath is going to feel like heaven on my itchy skin.

I’ll report from school tomorrow!

Love, Maggie



7/29/13 Mischief


(My work here is done…time for a nap!)

Today I felt full of (dog) pee and vinegar, and I was showing it off to everyone.  I dare you to put a lead on me…I’ll snap at your hand!  And did you say you needed that duct tape?  Cause I’ve got it in my mouth and heading out to the backyard for a nice chew.  Muahahaha!  Slippers?  Oh, those were YOUR slippers?  Cause I chewed one up and buried the other one in the tall grass by the fence. 

What do you mean, they’re Dad’s lightbulbs?  Well, I guess I’m kinda glad you got that box away from me.  Hee hee hee!  Just don’t ask how I got into the laundry room!!

Can of dog food on the counter?  What can of dog food on the counter?  It’s on the kitchen floor now, half-eaten…shouldn’t have turned your back, I guess!

Well, my work here is done.  Time for a nap.  I don’t want anyone thinking that just because I attended one class, I’ve turned all “Labrador” and stuff.


Love, Maggie



7/22/13 Busy

Hey, I’ve been really busy the past couple of days and apologize for not being on here more often.  We’ve had lots of company over and I’ve had to spend some time in the crate, since Mom says she can’t trust me yet around people.  Saturday, obedience school – here I come!  Hopefully we can ditch the crate.

It’s been really, super hot and Mom says the pool turned green (which, of course, I cannot see) and she’s been working on it for two days nonstop.  Shock, vacuum, filter.  Shock, vacuum, filter.  All Mom and Jamie really want to do is go swimming, but they can’t.  Maybe tomorrow.

Jamie and Mom went to the gym on Saturday, and when they arrived, Jamie jumped out of the car and threw up all over the ground next to a tree.  Mom settled him down and put him back in the car and turned it around to go home.  Suddenly, Jamie told Mom to pull over and you know what happened.  Fortunately, Mom had some of my Doggie-Take-Out bags in the car and Jamie utilized them as sickness bags – all the way home.  Now, I wasn’t there for that, but I heard Mom telling Dad the story around 3:00 Human Standard Time.  Jamie went to bed, but continued being sick for 6 more hours.  Mom frantically called the doctor when she could not stop the vomiting, and they were going to take Jamie to the hospital, but he snapped out of it around 9:00 p.m. and was OK.

Apparently, Jamie had eaten a piece of watermelon that had gone sour, and it hit him like a ton of bricks.  It probably wouldn’t have been so bad, except for the fact that he recently had a bout of food poisoning and I think he was still susceptible to tummy problems.

Although there was a lot of sickness and rushing around, I kept my post for the entire time, laying at the foot of the bed and keeping a close eye on Jamie.  I’m very glad they didn’t have to take him to the hospital. 

So, keep cool everybody, and double check that watermelon!

Love, Maggie

6/12/13 Monthlong Musings


(look – you can hardly see my spine anymore!)

I mentioned on Sunday that I’ve been home a month, and I’d like to go back to that for a bit.  My life has drastically changed in the time that I’ve been here.  Before this, I lived for six months in an animal shelter, caged in a kennel.  Before that, I lived as a stray, out in the streets.  At some time – probably around 9 months – I had a litter of pups and was kicked out of whatever home I had.  I don’t remember too much more.  Except for being hit.  Because I go into a cringe pattern whenever I see an upraised hand.  But I’m never hit here, so that behavior is going away, slowly, as I learn to trust.

I’ve learned so much in a month.  How to go up and down stairs.  How to open and close doors and drawers.  How to guard the house and my people.  I feel a lot more relaxed around the house, like I am home now, like I belong here.  I’ve learned the different sounds of the house, and not to tweak out about them.  Like the buzzing of Clothes Dryer when he’s talking to Mom.  Or Dad’s Frankenstein steps in the morning, when he wakes up and clomps around the house.  I don’t go into barking fits about either of these anymore.

My commands are much better.  My vocabulary has improved.  My jumping on people has gotten better…eh, slightly.  I’m still working on my separation anxiety and they still have to crate me.  I think I’ve made big strides.  I know I’ve got a long way to go.

Mom sent a letter to the shelter.  She read it to Dad so I heard everything.  The letter said that I was a “fine animal companion” and an “adoption success story”.  She sent pictures, too, so they could see I was healthy and happy.  I’ve put on weight.  I’m looking and feeling good.  Sometimes I think about the animals I left behind who are not as lucky as me.

So, I wanted to mention that you can sponsor an animal at your local animal shelter by picking someone out, and sending a small amount of money monthly for their care and feeding.  This will help them get adopted faster, and is a great program for animals who are long-term residents like I was.  I hope you nice people reading this will consider this option, especially if you can’t have a pet of your own.  It’s really very fulfilling and not too expensive.  Thanks, and I don’t mean to sound like one of those commercials on the TV Dad always watches.

Life is different for me now.  I’m very grateful.  Sending you love, licks, and tail wags,