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3/16/15 The Honey Do Part 2

OK, so I have to tell you what happened today when Mom and Jamie went to the gym and I spent some time in the crate.

My crate faces the front door so I can keep an eye on the comings and goings of things. Off to the right is the door to the basement. Before the basement door, on the ceiling, is one of the light fixtures that Dad had to replace bulbs in, as his part of the Honey Do list this weekend.

I was kind of dozing, listening to the kids play basketball outside and with one ear to the “Ellen DeGeneres” show, when I was startled by a Pop! and a loud, Crash! The light fixture had fallen free, smashed on the tiles, and sent glass spewing everywhere. Some larger chunks skittered to a halt in front of my crate, while directly underneath the now nude light bulbs, there was an enormous pile of glass and dust that twinkled in the late afternoon sun like a pile of diamonds. Shattered diamonds!



There was nothing I could do but wait it out. I sniffed carefully around the crate, but no glass had made it in.

Mom and Jamie came home a little while later. Mom took me out and I immediately sunk, belly to the ground, and she asked me why I was cringing. Then she noticed all the glass. This was it! I knew it! I was going to be blamed for this.


However, Jamie sprang into action and grabbed the leash. He took me outside before I could step in any shards. Mom grabbed the broom, the dustpan, and Vacuum Cleaner, seemingly all at the same time. From my spot out in the back, I could hear Mom using some extremely colorful language through the open windows.

After the mess was cleared, and I was patted and petted and given a multiple treats, Mom called Dad. More colorful language. Dad: “*spluttering*”. Mom: “@##$%^$ could have cut the dog!”

Now, I’m not saying Dad put the fixture in loosely on purpose, but if he did, that would be a GREAT way to get out of the Honey Do. Just sayin’.


As for me, I’m just glad I didn’t end up with glass in my eye. And…I know nothing. I was sleeping in my crate. I know nothing, nothing at all!

Woof! Love, Maggie

12/1/14 Decorating for Christmas

Today’s blog features lots of pictures that Jamie took with his go-pro camera.

Mom fancies herself as “part Elf”, especially at this time of the year. And since I don’t know any other humans who wander around, wailing, “I can’t find my candy-cane duct tape!” I suppose I have to believe her.

Once my humans obtained their Christmas tree, they couldn’t leave it at that. Oh, no. Mom had to call in the Associate Elves (Erik, Jamie, Jenny) to come help decorate and put up lights.

I should point out that Mom just thought she’d get the tree done. But the Associates had other ideas.

Here is Jamie, putting the finishing touches on the top of the closet:jamiehat

and the finished project; a Winter Wonderland!


Here, Erik and Jamie attempt to move my chair so they could plug in Mom’s “Enchanted Forest”. Mom says this picture is blurry (she took it) but it’s one of her faves since I am in the middle:


As you can see, I was not moving from my spot. Nonetheless, they got the job done. The Enchanted Forest dwells in front of the fireplace.


Here’s a random decorating shot (Notice Mom is mostly standing around):


Erik approaches the big tree to survey the light situation: “Hmmm, where do I start?”


Anyone ever see “The Muppet Christmas Carol” where Rizzo the Rat says, “Thank you for making me a part of this” – ? Kind of my sentiments here:


The tree, in all its blazing glory:


You can see Santa’s airplane through the front window. He has a helicopter, too, but it’s hidden from view. Dad and Jamie put the decorations up outside; Mom doesn’t think she can do too much more out there this year.

But we cannot forget the first decoration Mom put up all by herself:


Whew! All this decorating and Elf business and Christmas music and candles has me tired out!


That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m claiming my chair and resting. 24 more days and counting? I don’t think I can handle it…better get some snoozing in to rest up. I have a feeling this month is going to go by very fast! A Big Thank You, Woof and Tail Wag to Erik, Jamie, Jenny, and Dad!

Woof! Love, Maggie