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6/26/15 I’ve Only Done What They Asked Me To Do

Yesterday, Mom and Jamie met some New People. They went over by the New People’s house.

Mom came back sad. She said that I was brought up during their conversation. She said that the husband shook his head and said, quote, “I would never love or trust a Pit.” Many people feel the same.

Mom stroked my back and told me she said to him that I was loving, loyal, and a good girl. Sure, I have my issues. Who doesn’t?

In all my life, I’ve only done what they asked me to do. The humans who abused me before. The humans who took care of me at the Shelter. And the humans I have now. Yet, I am feared, I am discriminated against. Who made me this way?

The long-time-ago humans took me from my mother when I was just a puppy. When I was very young, they made me have puppies, then they took them, too, and kicked me out. Into the snow. You know what Chicago winters are like. Not even people from Alaska want to come here in December and January. But there I was, on the street, with my naked pink paws and thin, thin coat.

It’s not my fault I wasn’t socialized with other animals. It’s not my fault I was kept in a cage. In all my life, I’ve just wanted the humans to love me. I have lived to please. I remember when the man from the Shelter shook Mom’s hand and said, “You’re taking Maggie? She’s such a people person.”

I’m a people person. And I dream of the day when me and my kind have an equal chance like other dogs.

Woof! Love, Maggie (a little bit sad)



5/12/15 My Two-Year Family-versary!

Two years ago today, my life changed forever.

I was not much more than a puppy myself when I was bred, my pups taken, and I was kicked out, shivering, into the cruel streets and the snow. Cold, frightened, confused, terrified even – I still trusted humans enough to let the kind people at the Animal Welfare League pick me up and bring me back to the shelter. I was grateful for a temporary home and to be out of the brutal Chicago winter. I was incredibly sad about my puppies.

However, although I was out of the elements, my future was uncertain and the months dragged by. I got sick twice. I wondered what would happen to me. The bright spots in my day were when the volunteers took me out and played with me. I loved that. But my anxiety and stress increased every day. I had a large sore on the top of my head from where I’d taken to banging it against the top of the metal cage.

Then on May 12, 2013, I met the people that I knew would be my family. True, they walked slowly amongst the kennels and looked at every dog. But they kept coming back to me.

When a shelter worker brought me to the back room to meet them, I tried to explain to them that they were MY people, by kissing them, hugging them, and leaning up against them with all my might. Truthfully I thought my legs were going to give out from underneath me. I never wanted to let go.

Oh, the joy I felt! I could tell they loved me back. The pats, kisses, smiles, hugs. They never wanted to let go, either. I wanted to go home with them there and then, but I had to have a “spay” first. The nice shelter people were going to watch over me a for day or two after the surgery, but my new family was so worried that AWL let them come and take me home just a few hours later. It was a delicate ride, with Dad going very slowly and watching every bump and pothole!

Like I said, that was two years ago. I still remember every detail. I remember the smiles radiating from Jamie and Mom; the smell of Dad’s hand as he reached out to – very gently! – pat my fur.

My life is so different now, so changed, and not just because I have a soft bed to sleep on and Mom’s arm around me every night. It’s because I have a stable home, an adoring family, and all the love that my big, big heart can hold. Sometimes, I’m so happy, I think it’s bursting!

It’s so good to have a place called, “home”.

Woof! Love, Maggie


5/7/15 Visitors!

Yesterday was a very exciting day. We had lots of visitors!

Dad took the day off to watch over Mom, and after he brought Jamie to school, he came home with Mom’s sister (Auntie), her niece (Val), and Uncle Rick. Mom was overjoyed to see them, especially since Auntie has been so sick. (Mom says Auntie still looks very thin but is at least up and around.)

We all went out in the back and sat under the umbrella. Mom kept her foot up and all the ladies chatted. Jamie came home from school not long after (Dad had to pick him up) and the men decided to demolish the old swing set that was rotting away in the back yard.


I was having a blast! Mom connected two tethers so I had lots of room to roam without the danger of me going through a hole in the fence. I rolled in the grass, chased fat bumblebees and birds, and played “stick” with Uncle Rick and Dad. Mom made sure my water dish was outside and filled and I drank and drank and drank. Uncle Rick works with horses and he knows about dogs, too. I was so happy!

Dad grilled some food and everyone ate while the sun set. Then we had a surprise, because Auntie’s other daughter, Heather, stopped by. Our Erik couldn’t make it though, and we missed him a lot.

Pretty soon, Jamie had to go to play floor hockey and Dad lit the bonfire for Mom and everyone else. He took Jamie to the game while Mom sat with her crutch and the rest of the family around the blaze. They talked and talked until the stars came out. At first, I was “on guard” near the fence, but when I saw that nothing was happening, I lay down in the thick grass near the humans and rested. It was very dark, and the stars were twinkly, and the heat of the fire warmed my fur. I slept a bit.

Soon, Dad and Jamie came home and everybody had to leave. Mom says it was the best day, and she wasn’t lonely, and it was like having a party in the middle of the week. I myself loved it because I was out all day and got lots of playing and attention. As soon as the humans left, I stretched out as large and as long on the human bed as I could and fell fast asleep. What a great day!

Today we are all tired. I guess that is to be expected! Mom goes later to have the bandage changed on her foot. She is doing well, and says that yesterday was like a shot in the arm for her.

Woof! Love, Maggie

2/4/15 Guest Blogger: Mom “Don’t Blame God for Them” – A Rant

Hi, Elizabeth here. I saw something on FB that really boiled my blood and I want to share my indignation with you.

There was an ad for a hoodie with, “And on the 8th day, God said he needed a loyal companion and he made the Pitbull Terrier” for sale on FB. Now, Maggie is not a Pitbull Terrier. She is an American Staffordshire Terrier, but I digress. She is referred to as a Pitbull.  Underneath the picture of said hoodie, some lady writes: “Don’t blame God for them”.

Don’t blame God for them. Why would anyone feel such hatred toward an animal?

I realize, yes I do realize, Pitbulls and Pitbull-type dogs get a lot of press, most of it negative. I realize that, while these dogs were initially bred to capture rats, weasels, skunks, and other pests for their owners, that they have been used and abused to fight, often to the death (or death comes later, in the form of horrific abuse after losing a fight). But to say, “Don’t blame God” for the creation of these dogs? What was that person thinking? It is humans who pervert these creatures to satisfy their greed and blood lust. Tragically, these dogs are unswervingly loyal and loving. If “Master” says fight, then fight it will be.

Honestly, look at a litter of Pitbull pups and tell me they are monsters. Yes, they can be turned into monsters, but so can any breed if not handled properly. Given the opportunity, these dogs want loving and will love you back in a way that’s hard to understand unless you’re on the receiving end of their unswerving devotion. That’s true of a lot of dogs, too. It just ticks me off when people believe all the bad hype and don’t consider all the Pitbull therapy dogs, police dogs, military dogs, or just family pets.

I’ve never, ever thought that I would be a Pitbull mommy. Greyhounds were my thing and I actually had my eye on a German Shepherd the day we went to the Animal Welfare League. Jamie fell in love with Maggie and our lives have never been the same. Oh, she’s not as much of a couch potato as the Greyhounds were, but you’ve seen pictures of her on her chair and you know she likes her downtime. Yes, she is intelligent, needs intellectual stimulation and exercise to be relaxed and happy. News flash! So do most of the larger breeds or they get restless and aggressive. Why? Because they were bred to be working dogs and they need a job to do.

One of Maggie’s jobs is to tuck everyone in, even if they’re just taking a nap on the couch. She gave herself this job and appointed herself Tucker-Inner. Jamie came home from school tired today (he has been very ill and just returned to his routine) and settled down on the sofa with his pillow. He snapped this selfie of Maggie kissing the side of his head and tucking him in:


Mind you, Maggie was abused in her past life. If I raise my voice, she cowers to the ground and shows me her belly. I can only imagine what she’s been through. Yet, she gave humans a second chance. She “mothers” Jamie and comforts me. It’s more than we deserve.

You can be sure I informed that woman on FB that Pitbulls were misunderstood creatures and fine animals. No, I don’t blame God for my Pitbull. I thank God for her!

Your friend,


12/26/14 The Letter I Got From Santa, And Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Mom hung up a stocking for me over the fireplace. Then she put trees in front of the fireplace so I would not be tempted to jump up and snatch the stocking down. On Christmas morning, the stocking was stuffed full of goodies, and, lo and behold, a letter from Santa Claus himself!

The letter said that I had been a very good girl this year. I was happy to hear that! I have been trying so hard.

I also received a rawhide shaped like a wreath, a package of small rawhide treats, a new Nylabone, a giant KONG stuffed dog toy, and a treat jar full of soft treats.

Most special to me, though, was a new dog tag from “Tags for Hope”. The tag is shaped and colored like a driver’s license (made to look like it’s issued from your state), and has my picture on it. It has Mom’s cell phone number in big text on the top, and my name, fur color, eye color, species, and breed on the front. On the back, Mom had the Tags people include that I am very friendly to humans, but do not get along well with smaller animals. She also listed my allergies, my vet’s phone number, and my microchip number.

I am touched that my humans love me so much that they don’t want to chance anything happening to me should I become lost. Being home with my family was the greatest gift of all this year, and that’s not found in any bag or box under the tree.



We had company all Christmas Eve. The kids came over separately: first, Erik, because he was off work. Then Jenny, when she got off work; then they left, and a short time later the human Mike came over. Mostly, the humans ate, opened their gifts, ooohed and aaahed over how well I was behaving, gave me pets and loving, and played games at the kitchen table. Mom did not want to do a lot of “entertaining” because she is still healing, and because I behaved, she was able to relax and take it easy.

Of course, Mom could not resist giving me tidbits with my kibble for Christmas Eve dinner. I tasted some turkey, baby carrots, and lamb. Of course, I wanted the cookies, but had to settle for a rawhide!

Mom wrote a little bit about me to the Animal Welfare League (Chicago Ridge, IL) Facebook, and they put me on as their cover photo. That is the shelter I was adopted from. So if you are on FB and want to check it out, I thought I should mention it.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you had a good one, filled with love from your humans and animal companions. I hold you all close in my big canine heart, and wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

Woof! Love, Maggie