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5/14/13 The Liberry

I don’t know if today was a good day or not.  I saw a rabbit in the backyard early this morning and chased it, but it found a small hole under the fence and got away.  I think it would have made a nice present for my new people.  So I was a little upset about that.  Dad left early, it was still dark-time, for a “meeting”.  I know what happens when dogs meet, usually a lot of sniffing and growling, so I guess it was something like that.  That meant Mom had to take Jamie to school and I didn’t like that one bit. 

I have to admit, I was kind of proud of myself for being able to reach the bread, even though it was put away sort of high, and it WAS delicious, but I felt bad about it after, so I peed on the dining room floor.  I didn’t really mean it, and I could tell by Mom’s face when she came back that she was disappointed in me.  I felt awful.  But what’s worse is that today Mom has to work in the Liberry.  I don’t know what a “Liberry” is, but it sounds good, and I hope she brings me back some to eat.  I don’t want her to leave, though, and I’m kind of working myself up about it.

Well, if Mom had any Liberries for me, I am definitely not getting any, because of the pile of poop I left her in the dining room.  Mom was not happy.  She says I have to go with her in the car to pick up Jamie from school because she can’t trust me at home by myself.  I did hear her telling Dad on the phone she was really proud of me because she could tell that I loved the family and was very loyal already.  So all is not lost.  Last night when Mom and Jamie were in bed, and it was dark-time, I heard something creaking on the stairs and I growled and barked (my first time) to protect them.  But it turned out to be Dad, so then I wagged my tail and was very happy again.  Mom is extremely pleased with me for this, and says that I am “watching over them” and she is willing to “cut me some slack” and be patient with me while I try to get over my nervousness and fear.  I love my new family very much.  I wish I could tell them, instead of pooping on the floor.

10/4/14 Update Time!

As you can see, I am really watching over Mom like a hawk.


That’s Mom’s shoulder, and I’ve made it to the pillow!

Seriously, Mom is feeling SO much better. She hasn’t taken pain medication all day, and she feels happy and energetic. Mom says she feels like a bad part was taken away and now, even thought it has been raining all day, she feels like the sun has been shining!

Erik came over yesterday and made everyone a nice dinner. He also fixed Mom’s hair and gave  her the “star” treatment as far as pampering goes. James has been all over the house, cleaning and doing laundry, and Dad has proven to be a master at making TV dinners. (Well, he still has to work, so he’s doing his best.) Everyone has sent Mom well wishes and she says she feels like a million bucks. She is a little concerned about what the Pathologist is going to say next week, but she is focusing right now on how good she feels and how nice everyone has been to her. Laurel even came over and trimmed my nails since Mom couldn’t get me to the groomer.

Mom is very happy with me. She says I am her Guardian Angel and Fur Baby. I know I have done my job well. Mom is getting stronger everyday. Thank you all for your care and concern for my human! Things are looking up!

Woof!  Love, Maggie



4/20/14 My First Easter

Today was my first Easter.  The weather was perfect with the sun shining and the breeze blowing.  I can hardly believe it’s the same backyard as a few weeks ago, when it was covered in snow!  Today was a day for family and togetherness.  There was a lot of love in the house today!  We had adventures outside, too.

Mom and Jamie planted a garden in the back of the swingset.  They started the seeds in little dirt pots a couple of weeks ago.  They’ve been growing in a little plastic greenhouse on the kitchen table, and they decided to put them outside.  Dad had to use a noisy machine – noisier than Vacuum – to dig up all the dirt.  I didn’t like the noise, but I helped dig up the dirt.  That was a fun job!  I don’t think Dad thought so, though.  He said it was hard work!

Mom and Jamie had just put the finishing touches on the fencing around the vegetable patch, when I heard this big-mouthed dog barking from a couple of houses over.  Laying my ears back, I took off at my Hairy Bullet finest – through the fencing, tangling up in my legs, rolling onto my back, then over onto my belly, shaking it off and realizing I had uprooted the entire fencing job in 2 seconds flat.  Dad had to fix the fencing.  I think I missed a baby cucumber plant by this/much.

The fun thing about the vegetable garden is Jamie watering it.  I love, love, love to chase the water coming out of the hose!  I got all wet and Mom says I still smell like skunk.  I’m not mad at her, though, because when I dried off, she petted me and told me how soft I was.


Dad bought Mom some outdoor furniture, and Mike came over and helped Dad and Jamie build it, while Mom cooked a big dinner in the house.  I helped by kissing everyone’s face as they sat in the grass.  I know they liked it because they kept saying my name.

I ran around and around with a stick until Mom called everyone in to eat.  I was so tired, I couldn’t even beg at the table.  I flopped down on the cool kitchen floor with my sides heaving.  Mom gave me a little Easter dinner afterwards because I did not beg.  I also drank lots of cool, fresh water.  But I liked the cold water from the hose much better!

The humans ate the pretty cake Mom made (from scratch) on the new furniture outside.  For a while, I played chase the stick and chase the foxtail.  Jamie hid in the big box the furniture came in, and popped out at Mom.  Mom screamed and laughed that Jamie got her but good.  Pretty soon, everybody turned into a zombie and fell asleep.  We could hear Dad snoring on the couch while I lay on my chair with Jamie, the wind from the ceiling fan flapping my ears and a contented smile on my face.


Now the sun is setting.  We have to take Mike home soon.  I hope you all had a happy Easter, Passover, or whatever holiday it is you humans celebrate.  I like this holiday.  I love my family!

Woof!  Love, Maggie