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5/4/15 Bone Shaving

Today is a weird day. It started before the sun came up.

Dad took Mom very early to the hospital. That meant I had to do some time in the crate. Mom explained everything to me, so I did not fuss or bark. Jamie was still asleep, upstairs, and I let him rest and didn’t make any noise. Eventually, he came down for breakfast and Dad came back and drove him to school. But he didn’t have Mom with him. I wasn’t let out of the crate, either, and Dad went from school straight back to the hospital. Dad brought Mom home a short time later.

Mom told me she had this little bone sticking up in her foot and that it had to be shaved down. That sounded terrible to me. But, Mom came back home the same morning, and was walking with two extra, metal legs under her arms. I noticed her large, bandaged and booted foot, and very carefully sniffed everything over (after giving her a toned-down greeting) and decided that I needed to Guard Mom again.


I’ll tell you, in secret, what is bad about all of this. It’s not the pain because she has pills for that. Mom doesn’t like to sit still! She has to wear “the boot” for three weeks, and cannot drive during all that time!

Mom is already going nuts.

She labored up the stairs with the metal legs (they told her to limit trips on the stairs for the first day) and took a nap, put on her lovely pj’s, and cleaned up. Dad was in the kitchen, so I went to the staircase and stayed two steps behind Mom the whole time until she got into bed. Then I (carefully!) jumped into bed with her, cautiously avoiding her foot. Mom told me I am her Guardian Angel in White Fur and that she loves me. Oh, she told Dad she was fond of him, too.

Mom says she is done with the hospital for a LOOOONG time after this.

I will watch over Mom and keep you posted. It’s supposed to rain all week, so I’ll be on patrol in the house.

Woof! Love, (halo showing) Maggie


3/15/15 The Honey Do

Gracious, the snow has melted and that means Spring!  Mom has already broken out the “honey do” list for Dad, which actually consisted of replacing light bulbs in various rooms (Dad has it rough), while Mom prepared to paint the entryway from the garage.

You may remember, last year on Spring Break, Mom and Jamie painted most of the downstairs area. Mom did not do the hallway in front as she would need a scaffold for that. Nor did she do the entryway into the kitchen from the garage, because she and Dad could not agree on a color. Mom therefore, made and Executive Decision to paint the entryway to match the bay window in the eat-in part of the kitchen. Mom says she gave Dad a “year” to think about it and since he didn’t come up with an idea, she was going ahead with her plan.

I was delighted to see Mom kneeling on the floor. I scooted around the paint pots and ladder and gave a few kisses to her ear, and was planning a flashmob when she shooed me away. She said she didn’t want me to get paint on my fur. I went upstairs and played for a while:


Mom later stated that, “At times like these, you realize that your knees are not your friends.” But she completed the job and now the little entryway is cheerful, and even the door got a coat of paint or two:


Mom says there is only a small area left for her to paint downstairs, and then she is moving on to the upstairs. Mom’s honey do list seems to be a LOT longer than Dad’s!

Later on, after Mom had taken a bath in some smelly stuff, we crawled into bed. My human Mom tucked me in under the covers since the windows were open and the breeze was chilly. Oh, so comfortable! Welcome, Spring!


Woof! Love, Maggie

(PS – you are not seeing things, I did change my collar during the day!)

3/9/15 Mom Dreaming

Unless I take one of those little magical pills coated in peanut butter to keep me from throwing up in the car, I don’t normally go riding around.

Mom, however, had to pull Zeus out of the garage to go pick up some medicine and fetch Jamie from school.

When she came back, she gave me a treat and a good petting. She talked so strangely to me! Here is some of what she said, to the best of my memory:

“Maggie, Spring is definitely in the air. At the pharmacy, there are several nests of birds under the eaves of the roof and they are singing their little lungs out. I’m sure there will be babies soon! I walked carefully along the sidewalk, looking for eggs (it’s probably a little too early) and babies. Just in case. Just to make sure they hadn’t fallen.

While driving in the sunshine to pick Jamie up, I uncovered an old CD with dreamy music on it. I had to be very careful for the music not to grab me by the toes and pull me into the song. It was hard to concentrate on the road! Fortunately for me, there weren’t many trucks and no buses on the street today.

When I got to Jamie’s school, I was early, and unfastened my seat belt and snuggled down with the windows cracked to wait. I wish you were with me, Maggie. It was beautiful. With my eyes closed and the breeze softly blowing, it could have been any season – Spring, early Summer, or early Fall. The sun warmed my face and the breeze caressed my brow. I drifted off and when a van pulled up across from me, all I could imagine was an old-fashioned tractor, with a dappled horse and a wagon full of hay and fresh apples. It’s wonderful the way a breeze, or a sound, or a ray of sunlight can transport you to a wonderful place.”

So Mom’s been daydreaming, and I got a good belly rub out of it.


Love, Maggie

3/7/15 The Sporn Halter and Other Adventures

Mom was in a sour mood for most of the day. She has uncovered a new, battery-powered nemesis: Bathroom Scale. Mom visited Bathroom Scale for a short time this morning and was scowling for a long time thereafter.

It warmed up considerably today, to about 40 degrees F, and Mom took me out in the early morning sunshine to the Frozen Turdra that is our backyard. However, the snow was softer and the sky was blazing blue and the birds were singing in the trees. This made Mom’s dark mood evaporate and she soon became cheerful again. Me, I was just happy to not be freezing while I did my business!

Back upstairs, we found Dad shaving in the bathroom. Mom felt energized from the crisp morning, and decided to change the sheets on the bed. After she pulled me off the bed twice, she managed to strip the sheets. Naturally, I obliged her by jumping back on the bare mattress:


Beginning to feel bad again, Mom enlisted Dad’s help to evict me once and for all, and to get the new sheets on the bed. Seeing the storm cloud over Mom’s head, Dad, clad in his shorts and T-shirt, quickly obliged, and between the two of them, they got the bed made while I looked on.

Later in the day, Grace, the Mail Lady, brought Mom a package, and she was delighted. Mom does not want to use the prong or choke collar, so she had purchased The Sporn Halter online, and had been waiting for it to arrive. She promised a New Era of dog walking with The Sporn.

Wisely, Mom waited until Dad came home from work to try to figure out the puzzle that was this halter. As Dad pieced it together, I, sensing a game, jumped all over and ran about the kitchen like a mad dog. Oh, this was fun! Dad changed my collar and everything!

Finally, after many attempts, Dad got the halter together and then he tried to put it on me. Gleeful that my Alpha Male wanted to play, I jumped with paws on his shoulders, licked his hands, and flopped to the floor, rolling over on my back to show my belly. Dad struggled mightily to adjust the halter and get it under my two front legs and then attach it to the new collar. I chewed the soft faux-Sherpa lining, swiped everyone with my paws, and tried to nibble Dad’s sleeves. “Maggie, knock it off!” Dad huffed, his glasses coated with dog slobber.

Mom said the bad words to Dad, “Jim, I think you might need to BEND DOWN to put it on her.” Dad attempted to bend and took the kitchen chair with him. Crash! More fun!

It took all three of the humans to pin me down and get the halter on. Nobody could get a picture because everyone’s hands were on me, and I grinned and grinned from my position on my back, thumping my tail steadily on the floor. Mom said, “I don’t think Laurel is going to like this very much.” No one answered her.

After the chairs were righted, and I shook myself off, and the humans brushed themselves off from dog hair and slobbery goo, Mom announced that it was Time To Try It Out and to Go For A Walk. I dashed about happily when I saw the leash, and after Dad fastened it to the halter, I tried to pull but was caught up short.

We all went out and, although the halter felt weird and will take some getting used to, I have to say, it was much better than the prong. Jamie took a picture, here it is:


Mom said Jamie took a great picture, and Dad said, “Maybe Maggie’s just a good model!” Everyone agreed.

Well, goodbye for now. I am going upstairs to rumple up all the fresh sheets on Mom and Dad’s clean bed. Then I am going to make a nest and have a nap. Dad is already sleeping on the couch, snoring his head off. I think I wore him out!

Woof! Love, Maggie

2/13/15 Soap Opera Kisses

As you can see, I’m out of the doghouse and back in Mom’s good graces.


It turns out, Mom was angrier at me about scratching near Jamie’s eye than she was about the poopies. Mom said she can’t replace eyeballs but she can always clean up a mess. Jamie’s scratch is red and scabby today. I feel bad for scratching him. When he got the shoe away from me, I gave him a playful swat and hurt him. I guess that’s why people shouldn’t have tigers and stuff like that for pets. Mom’s not really calling Jamie “Scarface”, either. Well, maybe just once.

Last night, I lay down on Mom’s side of the bed near her pillow to try to make things up. When she managed to move me over a bit, I curled up in a tight ball next to her belly. She loves that, I know it. She put her arm around me and I swear I didn’t move a hair all night. Cuddles work every time!

Today, Mom went to the gym and to pick Jamie up from school, so she had to put me back in the crate. Mom always leaves the TV on for me – usually, she just turns on Channel 5 and lets me listen to the news and soap operas (since hearing human voices is soothing). I’ll tell you, I’m getting quite an education. For one thing, none of those humans on the soap operas seem to have jobs. If they do have a job, they just stand around and talk a lot. They also carry around a lot of empty drinks, and they are always going out to eat in restaurants with perfectly clean plates – no food in sight!

But what really gets me is that I always know when the humans are kissing – even if I can’t see the screen – because they make an obnoxious sound like someone eating a hot dog with their mouth open. Every time! Yuck!

Mom used to put “Animal Planet” on for me but the shows have changed. She also used to put on the Discovery Channel. Personally, I like the guy who narrates, “How It’s Made”. He’s got a very soothing voice. Of course, the best choice is for the humans never to leave the house and I never get put in the crate for any reason. But, that’s not going to happen!

At least everyone is all made up, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Woof! Love, Maggie