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1/18/17 The back yard is weird

The back yard has been weird. We’ve had rain, then ice storms, then more rain. So the ground is like a water-mud-ice-more water club sandwich. It looks like this:


Yecch, right???

It looks like mud but slippery due to the ice, so if you fall it’s a double whammy. Fortunately, I’ve got those “cleats” on  my paws, meaning I’m a little steadier than Mom is out there!

Today the weather is warmer and I came in from my morning duties looking like I’d had a mud bath, or a mud spritz at least. From now until Springtime, Mom will have my leash in one hand and the mop in the other. She says the “war on paw prints” is real and “she’s probably going to lose anyway” but she’s going down fighting!

Mom says she is going to hijack my blog and post separately about the whole book thing.

We both thank you all for your good wishes!

Woof! Love, Maggie and Liz


6/16/15 Maggie’s Walk

Yesterday was an extremely rainy day. Today, it was cool and bright and sunny.

Dad actually got a break in the middle of his day and came home to eat lunch. Mom suggested we use the time to go for a walk! Naturally, I was doubly excited – Dad home AND a walk. Hooray!

The humans struggled to get me into the harness. I wagged my bottom and licked their faces and rolled on my back and showed my belly. Apparently, this was not what they wanted, because Dad said in a stern voice, “SIT!” I sat.

Fortunately, from a lifetime of playing with Legos, Jamie’s hand/eye coordination is very good, and he was able to buckle the harness fairly quickly. Off we went!


Dad suggested we go to the Midlothian woods because it would be less crowded. That’s the neat thing about Dad being home; he always has good ideas about going places.

We got to the woods and walked for two miles. During this time I found every mud puddle and gave myself a beauty mud spa treatment. I saw two little yappy dogs and raised my ears to them but Mom gave me a firm, “Leave it!” so I left it. She said I was a good girl, and was even better when a strapping Staffordshire boy dog came my way. Again with the, “Leave it!” and more praise from Mom. Dad said I seemed more relaxed.

Then we came up to this little guy. I went over for a sniff, but Mom held me back.


He was a very interesting little fellow, and smelled like the pond near our house. When he saw me, he pulled his legs and head in his shell. Dad said the turtle looked hot and dry, so he poured a little bit of water near his head. The turtle stuck his head back out, and looked happy.

As we left the parking lot, a little bit of a Min-Pin stuck his head out the window of a passing van and yipped at me as if his very life depended on it. Jamie roared with laughter, calling it a “doggie drive-by”. Indeed!

When we finally got home, Mom and Jamie hustled me up to the walk-in shower. (WHY does everything have to end in a bath???!) Mom cleaned me with the Argon Oil shampoo, and soon I was soft as a new chick’s feather. “How do I smell?” asked Jamie (who is going to the movies later). “Like Funyons, and like you need a shower,” retorted Mom. So Jamie had to have a bath, too. Well, there’s some justice in the world.

Soon, I was ready for my nap.


Goodnight, all!

Love, Maggie

9/27/14 The Doggie In the Woods

It was a beautiful morning. Since Mom went to bed early, she got up with the sunrise. I got  up with  her. The sky was light blue with pretty pink clouds, or so Mom said. The dew was on the grass. Everything was peaceful. Mom had some early morning coffee and gave me a pat.

After Dad had woken up, the sun was already up. The grass was still wet, though, and I danced at the back door to go out. Mom checked the yard and all looked well, so she let me go. However, there was someone or something in the woods, and soon I was rocketing up and down the border.

Dad came out of the house to retrieve me. When I saw him coming, I dashed headfirst through the fence and popped into the woods. Who cares that I’d had a bath yesterday?

Dad quickly gave pursuit. He was dressed in his good clothes because he had a business call this morning. Mom and Jamie ran out in their pajamas. Mom had the leash in her hand. They all three separated and ran after me.

I, however, was deep into the woods after the dog scent that I had picked up. Unfortunately, the dog was big, and a German Shepherd, to boot. Mom crashed through the underbrush and came face-to-face with the big Shepherd. She did not realize he was (thinly) fenced in and she high-tailed it out of there, snagging herself all over with thorns. Mom screamed for Dad to catch me because she was terrified of a dog fight. I wheeled around the other way through the branches and mud and came out after Dad. Jamie was off somewhere else. Mom angrily snapped the leash on me and dragged me back into the house. Jamie met up with us there. He was quite shaken.

Mom and Dad both informed me, in no uncertain terms, that I had been a Bad Dog and that it was a Close One. I guess things have been going well for me lately, and so I was bound to mess it up. Mom says I am not going to be free in the backyard for even one minute now.

I went upstairs and sulked all day. Maybe you can find me amongst the pillows.



Woof! Love, Maggie


3/9/14 The Dirty Bullet

Let me start out by saying, “It wasn’t my fault.”

I did not tell that rabbit to park his fuzzy-tailed behind on my (MY!!!) front lawn last night.  And even though I barked and barked and barked my head off at him from the big window in the dining room, he just stared at me and didn’t move.  What cheek!

I hadn’t forgotten about the rabbit today.  So, while Mom was at a meeting, Dad let me out in the back and I picked up the scent. 

Pretty soon I was running back and forth “border patrol” style by the fence, hot on my quarry.  Dad shouted at me to come back into the house, but I ignored him.  That was a mistake, because Dad is the Alpha and he came out with my lead and got me, and promptly popped me into the crate.  I knew it was coming because I didn’t listen.  Mom came home and was very surprised when I did not greet her because I was doing time.

Mom let me out after checking with Dad.  I was still feeling feisty and grabbed one of Dad’s shoes and ran upstairs with it.  Jamie is getting quick these days, and in short order had the shoe back in his hand.  More dirty looks from Dad.  They didn’t understand that I was pretending the shoe was the rabbit.  He was still fresh in my mind!

After a quick dinner, Mom scouted (as best she could, humans can’t see well in the dark – poor things) out the back yard and told Jamie, “She’s got to have a potty break but I don’t want her chasing that rabbit!”  Mom let me out and I took care of business quickly, then sniffed around and shot through the fence to the woods on the other side.  Jamie had been watching from the window and was out on my trail before I knew it. 

If there’s one thing I like better than fresh rabbit, it’s peanut butter.  When Jamie ran outside, he grabbed a jar of peanut butter first, and thus lured me fairly quickly back to him.  He snapped on the lead and we burst back into the house.  Mom took one look at me and said a bad word.  The snow has been melting and I was covered in thick mud from muzzle to tail!

Mom dragged me upstairs to the bathroom, where Dad was making some big decisions.  She pounded on the door and said that she had an emergency.  Dad said, “Another skunk?” But then he took a look at me and said, “She’s a Dirty Bullet.  I’ll start the water.”  Oh, no!  Another bath!  I definitely did not want it!

While Mom got things ready, Dad held my lead and before you could say, “Easter bunny!” I was soaking wet and very miserable.  Mom does give a good bath though, despite the fact that I started smelling like skunk again (water reactivates the oils).  It was also not my fault that I moved and the hand-held shower slipped, spraying Mom fully in the face and soaking all her clothes.  Mom said another funny word. 

Soon I was out and, sans collar, running around the house.  I took up my sentry position at the front window and saw…the rabbit!  “Oh, shut up already!” Mom said. 

I can’t believe it!

Woof!  Love, Maggie