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6/8/14 Not the Best Day

Well, I didn’t have the best day today, and WP is still not allowing me to upload pix.  So I’ll just write my story.

Mom has been edgy since she didn’t have any anti-anxiety medication today.  She said the mail carrier came while she was gone and did not leave her prescription, just a little paper in the mailbox saying she had to pick it up Monday.  So, desperate, she mixed up a concoction out of the fridge, namely, lemonade and some clear stuff that smelled like the Vet’s office, and she drank it.  That made her a little easier to deal with for a little while.

Then Erik came over with the little dog, Rusk.  Erik didn’t have anybody to watch him and he was coming over to do a favor for Mom. 

It was kind of a mixup since Mom had told Erik to text her when he was about 5 minutes away from the house so she could take me out and put me in the back.  However, because she drank that funny stuff, Mom was in the bathroom when Erik called, and thus did not get the text in time.  Erik walked in the door but the little dog came in first.  So I pounced on him like he was one of my chew toys. 

There was a lot of barking and screaming and the next thing I knew, Mom had me by the tail and Erik was prying Rusk out of my mouth.  I did break the skin on Rusk’s jaw but it was very minor.  However, Mom was hysterical about it.  I probably didn’t pick a good day to act out my strong prey instincts.  Like I said, it was kind of a mixup.

I’d say I was sorry but really, I’m not.  There is fighting in my past and I can’t help my nature.  I don’t like other animals or birds for that matter.  I’m sorry I caused Mom and Erik some grief, but to my mind, I was guarding the house and my turf.  I know I’d do it again.

Mom is worried now about me being in the yard and when I am walked.  She is thinking of a muzzle for me and possibly a T-shirt that says, “Not friendly”.  I don’t know if she would go that far, but right now she says she has a lot of concerns about me and that she doesn’t want any more incidents.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  She did not find a muzzle at the store tonight.  She says she may have to go to the pet store to pick one up specifically tomorrow.