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7/6/15 The Broken Toe

So, here is the story of Jamie’s broken toe.

Jamie actually broke his toe last week, falling UP the basement stairs.

Mom and Dad were already bunked down for the night when they heard the BOOM! of Jamie solidly hitting the landing. Mom bolted upright and screamed, “JAMIE! ARE YOU OK??” to which Dad rolled over and mumbled, “He’s fine.”

Jamie said afterwards that it felt like he had walked the plank and suddenly the Earth flew up and hit him. He took the rest of the stairs quickly in an attempt to “walk it off”. He then headed to his room and promptly put a sock on, telling Mom, “I’m fine.” Dad mumbled, “See? I told you he was fine.”

Mom said, “That didn’t sound ‘fine’ to me.” I opened a sleepy eye from my spot at the foot of the human bed and thumped my tail when Jamie limped into the room.

Mom de-socked Jamie and looked at the toe. It was swollen, and there was a thin blue line under the toenail of the big toe on his left foot. Mom got the ice pack and Ibuprofin, while Jamie insisted nothing was wrong.

But the toe did not get better and finally Mom had had enough of this sock-foolery. So to the ER Jamie did go, and there the X-Ray revealed a Closed Fracture of the Great Toe.

Here I am, watching over Jamie’s foot:



Doesn’t it look like I am being a good Nanny Dog? He has my undivided attention.

Woof! Love, Maggie