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3/18/15 More Painting!

Sorry, I don’t have any cute pictures today! It’s been quite busy here.

Mom got up early (as usual) on a school morning and when Dad and Jamie left, she got right to work. She put on her old painting clothes and taped out the hallway. Then she sanded down where she had put plaster on the holes. Some of which I admit I made. Mostly I am responsible for the plaster coming off the corners from me whacking the walls when I am playing. So she re-plastered those, too, and bought these “corner guards” for after the paint job is done. Mom bent over to sand the corner and I sniffed her. She straightened up quickly and said, “MAGGIIEEE!!!!” I can always tell I’m helping when she says my name like that (*looks satisfied*).

For a while, I sat on my chair, and watched Mom heave herself up and down the ladder. Up and down. Up and down. Finally, I had had enough and took my soft toy bone and threw it at her.

Between sanding, taping, and painting, Mom did a decent enough job of tossing the toy back and forth to me, while keeping up a running dialogue. “Painting with Pitbulls” could be a new show on HGTV! I do want to mention that, while I was madly dashing through the living room and kitchen, I did not go into the hallway near the paint pots or ladder. I think I deserve props for that!

Finally, Mom said she was finished for the day and cleaned up. She took me outside and gave me a treat and told me I had been a good girl. Then she stripped off her paint clothes and collapsed on the bed. “Oooh, my back!” Mom groaned. Naturally, I leaped into bed to keep her company, but noticed some cats outside that I had to stand guard over. So, I settled for sticking my behind against Mom’s knees and perking up my ears while looking out of the bedroom window, to better survey my Kingdom. Mom took a 20 minute power nap (she says) and then she took a hot shower. By this time, the cats had escaped under the pine trees next door, so Mom covered me up in a blanket and let me nap, too.

Mom’s going to let the paint dry, then do touch-ups on everything Friday.

Hope you all had a busy, productive day, too!

Woof! Love, Maggie


11/7/14 A Dog and Her Boy

We are getting to the time of year where it changes to dark time very quickly. It is not even 4:00 Human Standard Time here and already the sun is setting. Yesterday it was gloomy all day.

Today, however, the sun came out for a little while. Mom had put me in the crate (I always know when she is going to, even when she acts nonchalant about it) but explained that she had to get Jamie from school. I understand “Jamie” so I knew I’d be seeing him soon. I was glad, because I miss him while he is away studying all day. So the crate wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t in there too long.

When Jamie got home, I was let out with lots of petting and praise. Mom gave me a rawhide shaped like a donut and I chewed the living daylights out of it. Jamie took off his good clothes, meanwhile, and when he was done changing, we went into the back yard to take advantage of the fading sunlight. Jamie bought a K-9 Cannon that shoots the tennis balls all the way across the yard, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was playtime.

To be honest, I am not good about fetching balls. I’d rather play with my stick instead. Which is actually a beat-up yellow Wiffle bat. I like the larger sticks, since I have a big jaw, and the bat works just fine. Dad hinted I might be getting a new one for Christmas.

Anyway, Jamie shot the balls out of the Cannon and I ran around like I was going to fetch, but instead I doubled back, crouched low to the ground, and Hairy Bullet-ed to my stick. I ran around with that while Jamie gave chase. Then we had a couple of great tug-o-war sessions:


I did end up victorious in one round. Jamie slipped and went rolling over and over on the grass. I happily chewed the stick. Mom brought Jamie the gardening gloves, and then he won again.

I had a good play, and now it’s time for a nap.


Woof! Love, Maggie

9/13/13 If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Eat It!


(Look!  I found Dad’s pillow!)

Today has been a great day for doing absolutely nothing.  The heat wave finally broke and it feels like cool Fall weather.  Mom has the back door and the windows open and a good breeze is going throughout the house.

Not that I’m using the back door much.  I’ve been sleeping up on the Human Bed all day.  Then maybe, I’ll lounge downstairs for a bit, possibly saunter outside for a moment, then back up to the bed, or possibly the couch.  I have recently discovered Furniture.  What a day!

Mom ate some lunch and heated up a flour tortilla on the stovetop.  It smelled interesting and I took my usual spot on the rug to wait for a tidbit.  Mom’s pretty good about sharing.  She gave me a small piece, and I sniffed at it gingerly, consented to take it with a face like that tortilla was killing me, walked near the kitchen table, and dropped it on the floor.  Then I came back to see if there was anything better in the offing.  There wasn’t.  “If you don’t like it, don’t eat it!” Mom said severely.  I caught up another piece of the tortilla, walked over to where the first one was sadly lying on the tiles, gave each piece a bit of a chew, then promptly spat them out.  I don’t think I like tortillas too much.  Mom cleaned up the gooey, pasty, mess, scolding the whole time.

Time for a siesta!  Ole!  Woof!  Love, Maggie


9/4/13 Laaazy


(And here we observe the Wild Maggie in her natural habitat…)

So. Lazy. Today.  Maybe it’s because I spent such an enormous amount of energy as my alter-ego, The Hairy Bullet, yesterday; streaking like a rocket through the house and upending lamps, tearing up the rugs, spilling my water bowl, destroying the toys, you name it.

I’m exhausted.

Mom and Dad went to the store and left me sleeping on the human bed.  When they came back, I heard the door and went downstairs, yawning and stretching the whole way.  I kinda half-wagged my tail in a, “you mean, it’s time to wake up?” manner.  Mom went upstairs and checked for any “surprises” and told Dad, “There’s a huge indentation in the bed where she was sleeping and the covers are all rumpled up where she made a nest.”  Honestly, I slept the whole time they were gone.

I slept before Laurel came over to take me for a walk.  I slept after the walk.  Then I begged to go back on the human bed most of the night. 

(Yawn) I’d write more, but I think it’s time for bed!

Woof (yawn) woof!  Love, Maggiezzzzzzzz