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10/8/15 A plea from Mom: “I’m not asking for myself”

Hello, all, Elizabeth here.

I’m very tense as I write this. As many of you know, I have submitted an original children’s book for publishing, “Maggie: A Shelter Dog Finds Her Home“. I was blessed and fortunate enough to get a wonderful, warm, caring, and empathetic agent, Nancy R.

Nancy R. has been submitting the manuscript since last January. So far, it has been denied.

Today, she told me she has a publisher who MIGHT be interested.

I’m asking, begging, pleading, all of you to PLEASE send me prayers, paws crossed, fingers/toes crossed, good wishes, the Force, WHATEVER you believe in, I’m taking all good vibes…PLEASE. I’d like to get this book published.

This is not so I can strut my stuff and say, “I’m an author”.

Maggie is a shelter dog classified as a Pitbull. Her story, our struggles, is in a simple, K-2 easy-to-read chapter book. I’d like to think that in some small way, I’d be making a dent in Breed Selective Legislation (BSL) and adding my voice to those who say, “Give dogs a chance”. Any dog. I’m not asking for myself. I’m asking for the cages upon cages of other dogs like Maggie.

I believe in our children. I believe we can show them that shelter dogs, stray dogs, Pitbull type dogs – are good dogs. Yes, they need work. Yes, they need understanding. And, in Maggie’s case, a little boot camp thrown in. But it CAN BE DONE. Thousands of healthy, thrown-away pets are euthanized each day at high kill shelters across our nation. My voice may be small, it may crack, but I’d like to think my voice is helping, through my work.

Your thoughts, good wishes, prayers, all good vibes and Zen are appreciated coming my way.

I will be sure to keep you posted.

Your friend,