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1/7/15 Tennis ball, anyone?

Brrrrr! -40 wind chills and schools are closed for the day!

Jamie and Mom broke out the tennis ball to give me some constructive playtime. I’m going a little stir crazy, and some tennis ball is just what the Vet ordered!


Now in the above picture it looks like my ear is cropped. I can assure you, my humans would never, ever, crop my ears or dock my tail. I gave my head a good shake and fixed my ear, then I was off, tearing up and down the stairs after the tennis ball with unbridled joy. Jamie threw the ball, it bounced once, and I caught it mid-air. Mom said I was a good girl! She also said, “It’s no wonder we don’t get new carpet,” but I don’t know what she’s talking about.

Then Jamie cornered me in the upstairs hallway. Oooh, he’s good. I had the tennis ball, and he stretched out on his back and stroked my face and jaw, telling me to give him the tennis ball. I was going to do it, too, but then Mom charged up the stairs, and I bolted into an upright position, and leaped over Jamie like Superman leaps over buildings with a single bound, only I fell a little short on my landing and…


Jamie was OK, Mom felt really, really bad, and I got the tennis ball and went to my spot on the landing.


All’s well that ends well, I guess!

Woof! Love, Maggie