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1/17/14 Another Visit to the Vet

I saw Mom putting on her coat and thought she was going to lock me in the crate.  So I started skulking around, looking up at her through the top of my forehead with my patented “pathetic” look.  But to my surprise, she put my coat on too, and drove me to see Dr. W. at Oak Forest Animal Clinic.  Mom had noticed a slight indentation on my side (well, actually, it looks like someone lobbed a tennis ball at me) and was very worried.  But it turned out to be nothing serious.

When we got to the clinic, I had a good sniff around, and then a nice lady with a big tabby cat in a carrier came in and sat down right next to us.  The lady asked if she could pet me, and I licked her hand.  I looked in the carrier, but didn’t say anything to the tabby.

Pretty soon, we were in the little room with the big table.  Mom says the big table is also a scale, but I have never seen any numbers.  Up I went onto the table and shortly thereafter devoted all my attention to trying to jump off.  Mom wouldn’t let me.  Then Dr. W. came in with his cheerful assistant. I stood right up and wagged my tail around and around like a propeller.  Unfortunately, Mom was standing directly behind me at this point, and she got her nose beat pretty bad.  Thwap!  Thwap!  Thwap!

Dr. W. and his helper spent a very long time with me.  He checked me carefully all over, including ears, eyes, nose, and teeth.  He rubbed and pressed on the little dent in my side, but it didn’t hurt a bit.  The doctor even checked between my toes and rubbed the pads of my feet.  He pinched little pieces of my fur and looked carefully at my skin.  I got all excited and wound up by this “play” behavior.  Dr. W. said I have one speed – fast.

Finally, he said that he thought I had sustained some sort of injury by bumping into something, either in play or by my Hairy Bullet behavior outside, and that caused the dent, which might fill in.  “We’ll keep an eye on it,” he said. 

Dr. W. also said he had never seen a dog with such great muscle tone, and gave me a “100%” for heart, breathing, weight, appearance, in short – he said I was a beautiful dog in perfect health (except for seasonal allergies!)

I’m very happy that I’m such a healthy dog!  Now…for some Hairy Bulleting around!  Woof!  Love, Maggie