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9/28/16 Orange!

No, I did not dye my fur orange.

I saw Mom in the kitchen cutting up something round and it smelled very good! It was an “orange”, and Mom told Jamie it was absolutely delicious. Naturally, I wanted a sample. Mom said I was a silly girl and no way would I eat an orange. But, Mom caved (she’s a marshmallow inside) and gave me a small segment.

Happily, I took the juicy tidbit into my mouth and promptly spit it out. Mom and Jamie laughed at me, so I took a few licks and pushed it around the kitchen floor. Urg, gross.

Mom was nearly done with the orange (it was small) and I went into “sit” mode so I could have some of what she was eating. She couldn’t  possibly be eating that…that…thing she’d given me. She had to have something else! I call, “bait and switch”. I was positive she had something more tasty! Mom laughed again and said, “This is it, kiddo. This is the noms.”

However, Mom gave me another, larger, slice of the orange. She told Jamie, “Watch this, she’s going to eat it just to spite me.” Determined not to get laughed at again, I peeled my lips back and took it in my teeth. Gingerly, I ran with it into the living room and dropped the fruit on the rug.


I shoved it around a little, saw them watching me, then ate the orange down in one gulp. Mom and Jamie still laughed at me. When I saw Mom in the kitchen a little while later, I didn’t even bother to budge from the couch. Noms my foot. Who knows what shenanigans she was up to?

Orange you glad I shared this story? Woof! Love, Maggie


4/30/15 You’ve GOT to be kidding me!

Mom headed over to the kitchen for a snack. I just knew it was time for something delicious!

I trotted along at her heels, and headed for my spot on the rug near the sink. I anxiously awaited for whatever mouth-watering goodie she may intentionally or unintentionally drop my way.

Mom was busy at the counter. I sniffed and sniffed. My tummy quivered! It was almost time!

Mom popped a bit of something into her mouth and started to chew. I put on my biggest, most pleading eyes and cocked my head a little to one side (humans love that) and soon Mom was reaching her hand out to me with an offering.

Eagerly, I took the morsel from her palm – and then YUCK! Spat it out onto the floor. You’ve got to be kidding me! I was this excited over an ORANGE??


(sighs) Well, Mom liked it.


Your disappointed friend, Maggie