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11/26/14 Holiday Crafts and Chicken Sticks

Mom is getting bored and restless. She is still on light duty, very light duty, and can’t do much around the house. I tried to get her to chase me and she would not, so I barked at her a little and she said, “Maggie, that is not going to fly!” She did pick up my toys and throw them to me though. I agree with Mom, it is hard to be patient! I do guess, upon thinking of it, that barking at her isn’t helping the situation.

Mom begged Dad to take her to the hobby store for a few items (she can’t drive for another week yet). I had to wait in the crate. Funny, I have hardly been in the crate at all since Mom came home from the hospital, and now, I REALLY hate going in there. I would much rather sit on my chair with my blankets. Dad says he can’t trust me, though, to be left alone (see my post, “The Spice Cabinet” for his reasoning!)

Anyway into the crate I went, and shortly afterward, Dad and Mom came back. They really weren’t gone long at all. They had a couple of bags that Dad carried and Mom had a happy look on her face. While at the store, Dad picked up a small bag of one of his favorite candies, “Chic-O-Sticks”, which he refers to as, “Chicken Sticks”, and started chomping them down with some coffee. They smelled like peanut butter, but he didn’t give me one.The nerve!

Mom unpacked the bags and Dad went to work. Mom says she misses her Liberry and the Wise Owls that are there, so she made some holiday ornaments to reflect her feelings:


She is also embarking on a hooked rug that she says she is going to give to the Liberry when she gets to go back to work. Meanwhile, Laurel stopped by and took me for a walk until my head turned pink from the cold. Then we came home and I felt much more relaxed. I didn’t bark at Mom anymore, but I did bark at Laurel when she stomped her feet to get my attention. Then they laughed at me, and I went and sat on my chair in a huff. Hmph!


Mom says she hopes her Wise Owls miss her like she misses them.

Other than some crafts, Mom has been working on 2 more Maggie books, doing a lot of word searches, and beating the pants off Dad at Scrabble. Mom told me today she would be very unhappy if she did not have me since I am good company, and with me, she is never alone.

Woof! Love, Maggie