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8/9/15 A Homecoming…

Sorry to post this a bit late but the humans have been in my way, scurrying around and doing all manner of strange projects in the home.

Erik came over and I was thrilled to see him. After he gave me a nice belly rub, he put on some old clothes and Mom put a scarf over her head, and they went down to the old bedroom and painted. It was very good paint, a pretty shade of grey, and it didn’t smell hardly at all. I curled up in the middle of the room and observed. Every now and again, they would stop and take a break and scratch behind my ears.

Dad and Jamie, meanwhile, went to a far-away place called, “Ikea”. Jamie says that “Ikea” is a swirling labyrinth of do-it-yourself furniture and Swedish Meatballs.  When they came back, they built these dressers and put them in the bedroom.


I helped Dad with the dresser. Mom put in the faux “stained glass” windows.

Erik had a meeting and had to leave. We were all sad to see him go, but the rest of the humans kept very busy. Dad bought a bed frame for the old bed, and Mom found some nice bedding. Jamie fussed with the area rug until it was just right, and then Mom lit a lamp on the nightstand that Jamie built (from Ikea). Dad replaced all the light bulbs and a few ceiling tiles. I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Then Mom told me that Erik is coming home.

I am so excited! I can’t wait!


Woof! Love, Maggie

3/15/15 The Honey Do

Gracious, the snow has melted and that means Spring!  Mom has already broken out the “honey do” list for Dad, which actually consisted of replacing light bulbs in various rooms (Dad has it rough), while Mom prepared to paint the entryway from the garage.

You may remember, last year on Spring Break, Mom and Jamie painted most of the downstairs area. Mom did not do the hallway in front as she would need a scaffold for that. Nor did she do the entryway into the kitchen from the garage, because she and Dad could not agree on a color. Mom therefore, made and Executive Decision to paint the entryway to match the bay window in the eat-in part of the kitchen. Mom says she gave Dad a “year” to think about it and since he didn’t come up with an idea, she was going ahead with her plan.

I was delighted to see Mom kneeling on the floor. I scooted around the paint pots and ladder and gave a few kisses to her ear, and was planning a flashmob when she shooed me away. She said she didn’t want me to get paint on my fur. I went upstairs and played for a while:


Mom later stated that, “At times like these, you realize that your knees are not your friends.” But she completed the job and now the little entryway is cheerful, and even the door got a coat of paint or two:


Mom says there is only a small area left for her to paint downstairs, and then she is moving on to the upstairs. Mom’s honey do list seems to be a LOT longer than Dad’s!

Later on, after Mom had taken a bath in some smelly stuff, we crawled into bed. My human Mom tucked me in under the covers since the windows were open and the breeze was chilly. Oh, so comfortable! Welcome, Spring!


Woof! Love, Maggie

(PS – you are not seeing things, I did change my collar during the day!)

4/22/14 Paint Pots

I can finally safely say that Spring is here.  The grass is back (although I think the bushes are dead), and the threat of snow and its accompanying wind-up-the-tail is gone.  The sun is shining.

One thing about Spring is it gets the humans busy. 

Mom has decided to Paint.  She picked out the paint, brushes, rollers, dropcloths, tape, and all the assorted rigamarole to go with this project.  She enlisted Jamie’s help and plotted everything out.  Dad spent endless amount of time at Home Depot, groaning.  Mom didn’t reckon on the ceiling being such a paint-sucker, though, and progress is slow.  Jamie and Mom decided to do the ceiling first, because there was a mark on it that looked like a snowman from where Dad opened a bottle of champagne on New Year’s about a zillion years ago.  I’m kinda going to miss that snowman.


I think this paint business is great fun!  I love to help out.

I sniff the paint cans (it is low fume; the house doesn’t even smell bad) until Mom or Jamie runs up, arms waving and hollering for me to get the heck away from them. 

I lay in the middle of the dropcloth and wag my tail.  Thump, thump, thump, what do you mean you can’t move the dropcloth?

I run under the ladder when Mom is standing on it.  Jamie is usually in hot pursuit, as I have snatched one of the work rags (excuse me, “shop towels”) and am making a beeline for my spot on the landing.

I chew the stir sticks (pre-paint, of course) into toothpicks and leave the shards all over the floor.

When I am satisfied that I have helped my humans enough, I go take a little nap:


Ah, Spring!  Bring on the home improvements!

Woof!  Love, Maggie



8/3/13 Obedience School 2, Grooming, and Other Frustrations

Went to Class #2 of Canine College today.  It was very, very hot in there.  All I really wanted to do was to lie down on the cold cement floor, but Mom and the trainers kept making me “Sit”.  There was some little dog there that would not shut up, finally I lunged at him (as he would have made a good snack) and boy did I get in trouble for THAT.  Then the big Shepherd was looking at Mom, so that got me kinda snarky.  Mom likes that dog for some reason and told me to cool it.  I wanted to cool it on the floor!

When we got home it was time for (Mom) to change out of dog-hairy clothes (why, I do not know; dog hair suits me just fine!) and off to the groomer’s.  When Mom picked me up, she was shocked to hear from the head groomer that “if I wanted to come back, I had to be scheduled Express” because they “are afraid I will hurt myself the way I am lunging in the kennel”.  The groomer told Mom she’d been “watching my behavior” and “only had my best interests at heart” as well as that there would be an $11 upcharge.  Mom’s jaw dropped to the floor and asked her why she hadn’t been told of this “behavior” before, on my other visits, instead of being told what a good girl I was and how everything was always just fine.  The lady didn’t have an answer.

In the car, Dad said that for the money they wanted, we could call the mobile dog groomers (note:  I will NOT let Mom give me a bath; I’m funny that way) and have them groom me at home.  Mom agreed this was a good idea and that we would not be back to that particular groomer.  I was so exhausted I slept in the back seat all the way home.

Later, Uncle Wayne and Nana came over, and of course, Mom locked me in the crate; afraid I was going to jump on Nana.  Geez.  Uncle Wayne persuaded Mom to let me out provided I was on my lead and training collar, and trust me, I was on stellar behavior.

My computer is also running so slooooow.  I am getting very frustrated, and in my “Reader” I am “liking” posts and it’s not showing up.  That is extremely annoying, considering I am trying to be a conscientious blogger and this doggie wrench is thrown into my system.  Grrrrr!

On a happy note, I DID learn a lot in school today.  And my allergies feel better.  The cut on my thigh that I gave myself playing with a tree branch is almost all gone, so Mom can quit using that spray soon.  Frankly, it tastes terrible when I lick it off.

Mom hung up my portrait in the dining room where everyone can admire it.  She is thinking about moving it into the living room after she and Jamie repaint it. 

Oooh, paint!  I can hardly wait!  Fun!  Woof!

Love, Maggie