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7/16/15 Painting High Places

Well, today certainly is proving to be interesting.

Mr. Bourke and his friend Mr. Dave came over early this morning and got started in the front hallway.

Some people call this a “foyer” and argue how to pronounce it. Mom calls it, “the atrium” because it’s so high she swears birds could fly up there. I haven’t seen any, though.

Mom originally had me in the crate while the men set up for work. Then she let me out, but kept me on the leash close to her, so I couldn’t get underfoot.

I watched them getting prepared.


I couldn’t believe they were setting up ladders way up there. Mom gulped a little and said she felt queasy and could not watch. She asked if she should be ready to call “911” at a moment’s notice, but Mr. Bourke laughed at her, and said it wasn’t going up that was a problem. It was falling down that hurt. Somehow, that didn’t make Mom feel better.

Happily, no one did fall down.


Oh yeah. They are up there. The ladder to the right is on top of the hall closet and Mr. Bourke climbed up there via another ladder to paint the circle around the chandelier. You can barely see the tip of the window frame. Mr. Dave went up there and cleaned that.

If I didn’t understand the humans before, I surely do not now, what with all this agility climbing and painting of high places.

I’m re-taking my spot on the couch and keeping an eye on everybody. Mom has the phone next to her in case she does have to call “911”.

Woof! Love, Maggie