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5/16/13 Catlick School

I feel bad because Mom had a really rough day today, and not just because when she left to go to her Liberry, I broke two bowls and got into the pantry again and ate half a jar of peanut butter.  I know, I know.  I couldn’t help myself.  I panicked.

I guess from what I heard Mom saying to Dad is that they are going to close the Liberry.  There isn’t enough money at the school to keep it going.  So Mom and her boss, whom she really, really likes, are going to be out of work.  Mom told Jamie that she would try to raise money for the school but it would be hard to do it in time, and that it was a “Catlick” School so they couldn’t get public money.  I didn’t know Jamie went to school with cats!  I have sniffed him carefully a lot of times and never smelled one single cat!  Maybe my nose isn’t working right having been in the Shelter for so long.  Anyway, I tried to be on good behavior, seeing as Mom was so upset.

Mom says she found a Pet Sitter for me and she is going to come by tomorrow and meet me.  She has lots of experience with nervous dogs and lives in the neighborhood.  Today I’m doing better.  I went into the backyard all by myself!  I even stood by the back door when I wanted to be let out.  Mom was proud of me today, peanut butter breath and all.