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2/5/15 Bath Time

I should have known something was up when Mom cheerfully (overly cheerfully) called me upstairs to her room. Happily I followed along, thinking maybe we were going to have a cuddle session. No such luck.

Mom’s henchman Jamie was waiting behind the door and when I walked in, he ominously shut it. It was at that time that I heard the water running in the walk-in shower. Drat. I knew what was coming next. I sat on the bathroom floor, not making eye contact with Mom, hoping she would change her mind. But, again, I should have known better. Double drat!

Let me backtrack. I have to see the Vet tomorrow. Since I ran away the other day and rolled in the mud and dashed through the thorn trees, my back is all broken out. Mom is worried so she is hauling me in for a checkup.

Earlier in the day, Laurel came by and took me for a quick walk. Although I begrudgingly wore my coat, it was still very cold and we didn’t stay out long, but long enough to get my belly and legs slushy. So put those facts together and the equation equals, “bathtime”.

Mom grabbed me under the shoulders (the indignity of it all) and then shoved my behind into the stall. Her partner in crime, Jamie the Goon, manned the water. Mom soaped me up with the Phyto-Vet medicated shampoo but good. Then Jamie showered me off.

You can’t argue with success; look at how clean I got:


It took two of them to towel me, but Mom knows I don’t like the blow dryer. Suddenly, I decided I had to pee. Mom didn’t want me to go out because of the cold, but I jumped at the back door, so Jamie took me out for a quick whiz and when I got back in I could barely walk. They threw a blanket over me and pretty soon I was feeling good again.

Mom gave me a new collar. It’s blue and pink and has Hawaiian flowers on it. Can’t see it too well:hawaiian

Then Mom told Jamie to give me a couple of treats for my ordeal. I hid behind the coffee table and gave him “the eye”:


Heck, I could smell the treats so I went for broke. I totally flashmobbed Jamie on the couch. I even jumped on the sofa – which is against the rules – to get the treat. But once I had secured it I jumped off.

I guess I’ll forgive Jamie and Mom, since they did give me treats, and I do feel and smell a lot better. Jamie got a shot of me in hurricane mode. Mom thinks this picture is very funny because my feet came out so clear and the rest is a blur. She says I look like a big hen with chicken feet. Very droll, ha ha, we are all laughing:


I’ll give you all an update tomorrow on what Dr. Craig says. I will be glad to get my back taken care of, because, truth be told, it IS somewhat itchy.

Woof! Love, Maggie Not-A-Chicken

2/28/14 Riding Around In Cars

I spent a lot of time today riding around in cars.

Dad had to go to a meeting early, so Mom drove Jamie to school.  I hopped into the back of Zeus and off we went!

Normally, I love a ride, and today was no exception.  Until we were on the way home.  See, the winter has been extra-harsh and the roads are full of potholes and buckling.  Mr. Salt hasn’t helped any either, with road conditions.  Zeus is small and kind of bumpy in the back seat, and I’d just eaten breakfast and so…you guessed it.  Mom was thanking God that she’d had the wisdom to buy those car seat covers.  Urp!

When it was time to pick Jamie up from school, Mom drove very carefully and made sure I got a little mini-walk in.  I thought I was done with cars until Dad came home.

I saw everyone putting their coats on, and figured it was time for the crate.  So I slunk under the table with my most pathetic expression, but Mom called me out from under there.  I didn’t know where we were going and I was very surprised when Mom gave me a hind-quarters up into Dad’s van (I’m still not quite on my game since the boarding incident).  Soon we were rolling down the road and I have got to say, the van is a lot more stable and comfy, even if I have to share the back seat with Jamie.

We went to a place with brightly-lit arches called, “McDonald’s” and everyone got ice cream, except for Mom, who got yogurt (because she says she’s “in training”, but training for what, I don’t know; she’s already house-trained).  Mom got me a vanilla ice cream cone and put it in a little plastic bowl for me to eat it.  Oh.  My.  Human ice cream is nothing like the dog ice cream.  Mmmm-mmm it was so sweet and the cone so savory!  I gobbled it down with joy:


Afterwards, Mom told Dad to drive home carefully (he is always careful) so that I wouldn’t hurk up frozen moo juice all over the back seat, even though it was Dad’s car and not hers. 

I curled up next to Jamie and he put his arm around me, and I just enjoyed the ride.

May your travels be pleasant and your ice cream be cold!

Woof!  Love, Maggie

2/24/14 Mom Writes: Mad as Heck! Maggie Injured While Boarded!

Because I am currently talking with their Corporate Headquarters, I am not going to name where Maggie was boarded for one night this weekend and came home, cringing and injured.  Here is the story:

We had a function to attend this weekend and it would have necessitated Maggie being in the crate too long.  She had fully recovered from her skunk incident, and was feeling excited and chipper, so we decided to take her to ___________________, where she has stayed before, and has had good experiences there.  I dropped Mags off Saturday morning and picked her up Sunday evening. 

Maggie seemed dazed and disoriented when I picked her up.  I thought perhaps she was moody or angry with me for dropping her off, so I didn’t push her.  She got home, refused to go out, refused food & water, and headed straight to her chair (where I set up her blanket) and passed out for 4 1/2 hours.  As soon as she crawled on the chair, I noticed my dog was injured and took the following pictures:




Note the scraped nose, the bloody elbows and inner thigh injury.  As you know, Maggie just had her nails clipped and, other than having a cracked nail, was cleared as perfectly fine by the Vet, and she didn’t have a scratch on her when she left my home.  I should know, I had given her baths and checked her all over from the skunk issue!

Maggie slept through me taking these pictures.  I called the facility but they closed early on Sunday.  I called the Vet.  They said to keep the areas clean, apply Neosporin, and watch her behavior for vomiting and diarrhea.  I know Maggie was in pain because we tried to give her a treat and she could not sit down.  She didn’t even eat the treat.  When I called out to Jim to look at her elbow when she was awake, just the sound of my raised (not yelling) voice caused her to cringe as if I were going to beat her.

All night Maggie slept in her chair.  I stayed on the couch and did not sleep.  Monday morning I called the boarding place, and the manager there basically told me that Maggie had done well, showed a little signs of agitation (not enough to warrant a call to me) and that it was her decision to upgrade her room.  I told her that it looked like someone had dragged my dog across the floor.  I said, “I’m not saying that happened, but that’s what her injuries look like, they are abrasive wounds.”  The manager responded that no one in her employ would hurt my dog and because my dog has a thin coat, anything could have irritated it.  She implied that the bath Maggie had before coming home could have caused the sores.  She further told me that Maggie tried digging out of her room and that caused the injury to her nose.  I had repeatedly told these people that Maggie was a shelter dog and COULD NOT BE KENNELED because it causes her to freak out.  When I asked why I was not notified of Maggie’s injuries, I was told that they were unnoticed.

I realized that I was not going to get a conclusive answer so I ended the call.  Laurel came and stayed with Maggie while I was at work.  When I came home, I called the Corporate Office and registered a complaint.  It will take 3 to 5 days for someone to get back to me.

Maggie has begun drinking again, ate a little, and has been sleeping a whole lot.  She can sit again and has used the “outside area” a couple of times.

Maggie sends her love and, although she can barely wag her tail, would wag it at all of you if she could right now.  I’m just on monitoring mode and letting her sleep.  I’ll keep you posted when someone gets back to me from Corporate.

Your friend,