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2/3/15 More Snow On The Way

I’ve been hiding in the bed, hoping Mom won’t make me go outside.

Jamie did shovel me out an “area” so that I can go without the snow brushing against my belly. I know a lot of furry dogs right now are loving the snow and having a blast. My fur is so thin that I just hate it.


(aaahhh… that’s more like it)

View out the front window:


And out the back:


Would you want to go potty in this!?

Erik, Jenny, and “the other side” of the family went to Hawaii and was gone for 10 days. Which turned into 11 since O’Hare Airport canceled their flight back. But they are home now, exhausted from waiting and waiting at the airports during the wee hours of the morning.

Erik should be coming over any day, and I can’t wait to see him! I am hoping to see Laurel soon as well. Right now, travel is very limited and the weatherman on the TV news told all humans that if they absolutely do not have to travel later this evening, to stay home. Because more snow is on the way.

Oh, joy. (Makes Grumpy Cat face). At least Jamie is feeling better. He was very ill, but went back to school today.

Take care, humans, keep warm. Take care of your companion animals and guard them against the cold. No one should be an “outside dog” in these temps. Make sure if you are walking your pet, you wipe off the pads of their feet. Salt is dangerous and painful. (Maybe your dog will wear boots but I refuse).

Woof! Love, Maggie


1/4/15 Shoe Chewing

I was mad at Mom last night. First, I felt she played a trick on me, because she was eating something and said how good it was. So I followed her around, begging, and she gave me…

A raw baby carrot. That and some uncooked broccoli. I chewed them up and spit them out on the stairs. What kind of joke was that??

Then, she yelled at me for chewing Dad’s shoes. I admit, they were his brown work shoes, but he needed a new pair anyway, so it’s kind of like I did him a favor.

Mom shook the shoes at me and told me I was a Bad Girl. That hurt my feelings! So when it was time for bed, I jumped up on Dad’s side and gave Mom the cold shoulder. I had my ears up and could hear her talking to me, but I wouldn’t turn around and look at her.

Mom said that at least she would be able to stretch her legs out (finally) and Dad said, “Hey you, move over,” then tried to get in bed. I lay there like a lump. After much moaning and groaning, Dad was able to shift me a little and get in on his side. I stayed there all night. I don’t know if Dad could stretch his legs out or not. Probably not. But I was comfortable, and still had bruised feelings, so that is where I stayed.

I thought things over, though, and wasn’t mad at Mom anymore in the morning. In fact, I was happy to see her, and floundered over the blankets and pillows to give her a big kiss. She smiled, and said she was glad I was, “over it”.

Next time I won’t go to bed angry.

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/1/14 Guest Blogger, Mom: “Your Dog Does Not Respect You”

Dear Friends,

Today, Jamie and I went out to a Flea Market that we will call “The Swap”. Everybody in the family got a little something. When we were on the way out, we saw a stand with dog collars and treats, so we stopped to purchase some goodies for Maggie. Jamie got a great pic of her with her new collar on. I think the hot pink goes very well with her coloration.


After I purchased the items, the owner of the booth and I struck up a conversation. It turns out that she knows the people who run Maggie’s dog school and the “Alpha Male”.  I had inquired about a different type of prong collar that Laurel had shown me in my home, and I was taken aback when the woman told me that “that product does not exist”. I didn’t want to argue that I had seen the prong collar I was inquiring about, and I dropped it.

I had mentioned to this lady that I was still having an issue with Maggie jumping. She told me, “I don’t mean to be rude, but…” (that’s never a good start) and then proceeded to tell me that if “you are still having issues with your dog after all that training, then the problem is you. Your dog does not respect you. She thinks, ‘Oh, I can do this because she’s not going to do anything about it’.  And if you want her to stop jumping on people, you need to put your fists together like this (puts fists together) and club her right in the head. Put her to the floor and she’ll start to respect you.”

I was horrified at this idea. Jamie and I quickly said our goodbyes and left.

It bothered me all the way home. When Jim came back from work, I discussed the conversation with him. He told me that he didn’t believe that Maggie did not respect me. He also said that we treat Maggie as part of the family, and like to play with her, and sure if I clubbed her in the head and put her to the floor then she might get more obedient, but our play time would stop.

I don’t believe that Maggie doesn’t respect me, and I know that Maggie loves me with all her heart. I am sure that, compared to professional trainers like the Alpha Male, I’m a big ol’ softie. All I know is that when I am sick or when I am down or when I am sad, my dog is at my side with a wag of her tail and a kiss for me, any time of day or night. And I guess if that means if she’s a tad bit jumpy, I’ll live with that.  Laurel and I are working with Maggie on not going nuts when I’m answering the doorbell, and we are using positive reinforcement, not brute force. I’d much rather give a pat and a treat then a punch or a kick. Just the idea of clocking Maggie one on the skull with my fist makes me shudder.

In that regard, Maggie had quite a nice first Halloween (you will recall she was at Boot Camp last year). She spent some time in the crate when we had company and when the doorbell first rang, but later came out and was a real lady with everyone.

We had a bit of snow, which was Nature’s “Trick” so I have lots of “Treats” left over. What a bummer! But Maggie showed a good deal of restraint when the trick-or-treaters came to the door. She would bark, and wag her tail, then retreated and “sat”. What was funny was, she expected a treat herself after every ring of the bell (“guarding the house”)! So she got into the holiday spirit.

I think Maggie has made great strides and Jim mentioned her good behavior yesterday as well during our conversation together.

Thank you for all your love and support of Maggie. We love her very, very much.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Your friend,


10/4/14 Update Time!

As you can see, I am really watching over Mom like a hawk.


That’s Mom’s shoulder, and I’ve made it to the pillow!

Seriously, Mom is feeling SO much better. She hasn’t taken pain medication all day, and she feels happy and energetic. Mom says she feels like a bad part was taken away and now, even thought it has been raining all day, she feels like the sun has been shining!

Erik came over yesterday and made everyone a nice dinner. He also fixed Mom’s hair and gave  her the “star” treatment as far as pampering goes. James has been all over the house, cleaning and doing laundry, and Dad has proven to be a master at making TV dinners. (Well, he still has to work, so he’s doing his best.) Everyone has sent Mom well wishes and she says she feels like a million bucks. She is a little concerned about what the Pathologist is going to say next week, but she is focusing right now on how good she feels and how nice everyone has been to her. Laurel even came over and trimmed my nails since Mom couldn’t get me to the groomer.

Mom is very happy with me. She says I am her Guardian Angel and Fur Baby. I know I have done my job well. Mom is getting stronger everyday. Thank you all for your care and concern for my human! Things are looking up!

Woof!  Love, Maggie



6/8/14 Not the Best Day

Well, I didn’t have the best day today, and WP is still not allowing me to upload pix.  So I’ll just write my story.

Mom has been edgy since she didn’t have any anti-anxiety medication today.  She said the mail carrier came while she was gone and did not leave her prescription, just a little paper in the mailbox saying she had to pick it up Monday.  So, desperate, she mixed up a concoction out of the fridge, namely, lemonade and some clear stuff that smelled like the Vet’s office, and she drank it.  That made her a little easier to deal with for a little while.

Then Erik came over with the little dog, Rusk.  Erik didn’t have anybody to watch him and he was coming over to do a favor for Mom. 

It was kind of a mixup since Mom had told Erik to text her when he was about 5 minutes away from the house so she could take me out and put me in the back.  However, because she drank that funny stuff, Mom was in the bathroom when Erik called, and thus did not get the text in time.  Erik walked in the door but the little dog came in first.  So I pounced on him like he was one of my chew toys. 

There was a lot of barking and screaming and the next thing I knew, Mom had me by the tail and Erik was prying Rusk out of my mouth.  I did break the skin on Rusk’s jaw but it was very minor.  However, Mom was hysterical about it.  I probably didn’t pick a good day to act out my strong prey instincts.  Like I said, it was kind of a mixup.

I’d say I was sorry but really, I’m not.  There is fighting in my past and I can’t help my nature.  I don’t like other animals or birds for that matter.  I’m sorry I caused Mom and Erik some grief, but to my mind, I was guarding the house and my turf.  I know I’d do it again.

Mom is worried now about me being in the yard and when I am walked.  She is thinking of a muzzle for me and possibly a T-shirt that says, “Not friendly”.  I don’t know if she would go that far, but right now she says she has a lot of concerns about me and that she doesn’t want any more incidents.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  She did not find a muzzle at the store tonight.  She says she may have to go to the pet store to pick one up specifically tomorrow.