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6/4/14 Jamie’s Graduation

Sorry I’ve been missing.  And I’m sorry I’m not caught up.  Jamie graduated Monday and the house has been up for grabs!

The kids had so many different activities before graduation:  A dance, an awards banquet, a Mass, a luncheon, then finally Commencement.  8th grade is over and it is on to high school!

The school stretched all these activities out over a couple of days, which meant the humans ran around clucking for a good long time.  Mom was acutely stressed, Jamie was quiet and thoughtful, and Dad didn’t decide what to wear until that morning when he got his clothes from the cleaner’s.  Good ol’ Dad.

Jamie looked handsome in his suit and tie, then he had to put on a funny gown and a flat hat.  He said he had to wear it to get his diploma.  Whatever that is!  I do know that afterwards, there was pizza (one of my favorites) and a good-smelling cake, which I knew to be chocolate and therefore didn’t get any.  I did get a couple of treats though, and I’d like to bark a big thank you to Laurel for coming to walk me and let me out of my crate on the big day.  Woof!

(Is anyone else having problems with photos not uploading?  I’ve been trying to get this photo of Jamie, just after he received his diploma, to load, and it’s not doing anything.)

Congratulations, Jamie and the Class of 2014!  I predict a pawsitively bright future for you!

Woof!  Love, Maggie



5/12/14 My One Year Family-versarry!

Exactly one year ago today, I was adopted from the South Suburban (Chicago Ridge) Animal Welfare Society, where I had lived in a kennel for six months.

I remember it like it was yesterday:  a smiling lady and her boy came in, looked me over, looked at all the other dogs, then came back to me and pointed.  “This one!”  the boy said, “I like this one!”  My kennel number was 23, and one of the volunteers put a lead on me and led me to the back room for a “sniff and greet”.  I leaned up against these two humans to hug them and kissed them all over their faces and hands.  They seemed pleased.  I was happy.

But then I was put back in my kennel.  I thought all night about what could have gone wrong.  The people seemed to like me, said they wanted me – ?  I put my head down on the cold cement and didn’t sleep all night. 

The next day, some Shelter people took me to a big room with lots of lights.  When I woke up my tummy hurt and it was shaved.  I didn’t know what was going on, but found out later that the lady and the boy had in fact adopted me, and this thing I had to go through with my tummy was part of the deal.  I also found out that the lady had called the Shelter so many times to check on me that they finally asked her if she wanted to take me home immediately after the tummy surgery.  Knowing Mom as I know her now, her persistence does not surprise me.  My people DID take me home right after the surgery, and nursed me from a skinny 36 pounds to a muscular 52. 

I have learned so much in the past year of how to be a family companion.  I have learned little things, like not to be afraid of the Appliances in the house and to watch out the window “on guard”.  I have learned to be helpful and that, unlike my life before the Shelter, there is always a pet and a treat around the corner.  I tuck my humans into bed each night with a little kiss and then a big sigh as I lay down on my bed near them.  This year has been one of ups and downs, of loving, living, and learning, and I know my place in the home is secure.  I have learned big things, too, like I know my people love me unconditionally, just like I love them.

Happy Family-versarry!  I am so happy.  Life is good!  Woof!  Love, Maggie


4/7/14 Yard Work

Yesterday, I helped the family do yard work outside.  I was delighted to be out in the sun, with a warm breeze finally blowing, instead of that stiff cold wind up my tail. 

Way out back on Breed’s Hill, I found a lovely stick that was just my size and to my liking:


Joyfully, I ran and ran with that stick.  Parts of the yard were a little muddy and I got some mud splatters on my tummy and thighs, but I didn’t care; I ran with the sheer happiness of the day, the sun, and my family all around me. 

We worked for a long time outside, and when I got in, I went straight for my chair before Mom could give me a rub down:


Ahhhh!  Time to relax.  Woof!  (dogsmile)

4/3/14 Geese

Our house is the last house on the cul-de-sac, which is a fancy human way of saying, “dead end”.  We live right next to the swamp and the woods.  Dad calls the swamp, “Lake Jimborooni” because he puts “orooni” on the end of everything he says.  (Like, “Maggie, do you want a treat-orooni?”)  Dad thinks he’s talking Italian that way.

The swamp and the woods are considered a wildlife sanctuary.  Every year, we get migratory geese from Canada in.  They make a nest, lay some eggs, hide from the coyotes at night, and walk around like they own the place during the day.  They get goose poop everywhere.  The funny thing is, our neighbors two doors over used to feed the geese, and the geese showed their appreciation by blanketing their driveway in poop.  Those neighbors have been gone for seven years, but the geese keep coming back to that same driveway.  Drives the “new” owners nuts!

So I was looking out the dining room window surveying MY front lawn and MY cul-de-sac and MY swamp, when who comes goose-stepping out of the tall grass?  Yup.  The fat geese.  I had something to say about it, namely, “Woof-woof-woof-woof-woof!” (Translation:  “Get off my lawn, before I make an early Thanksgiving dinner out of you, and then stuff your feathers into Mom’s pillow!”)  The geese waddled on, dipping their necks and, at last, sitting in a shallow puddle in the middle of the street.

Mom could see that I was doing a good job of guarding the house against the Killer Geese, and she gave me a nice bone for being such a good watchdog.


Ahhh….suddenly, I don’t care about the geese anymore!

Woof!  Love, Maggie