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3/10/14 A Non-Apology Apology from PetSmart

Mom writes:

PetSmart Corporate never answered my letter (complete with photos) that I had sent Return Receipt.  In fact, they didn’t even return the receipt!

They did, however, kick my complaint back to the PetSmart PetsHotel in Orland Hills.  I received a call a short while ago from the manager there, who, in a nutshell, refunded my money for the stay and reimbursed me for medicine for Maggie.  When I point-blank asked her why I wasn’t called when my dog was in distress, she shrugged it off saying that she was sorry it happened, but they were busy that weekend with Spring Break, and were going to be busy with Spring Break for the next few weeks, so, “If you need Maggie boarded, take her to your vet.”  Direct quote.

That’s all, folks.  A typical celebrity-type non-apology apology.  I’m sorry it happened, but…we were busy.

Not, “I’m sorry it happened, we dropped the ball”

Not, “I’m sorry it happened, we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else”

Not, “I’m sorry it happened, maybe do a little staff re-training”.

My humble opinion?  They let me know that they were too busy to take proper care of my dog.  They let me know that Maggie isn’t welcome back, which is OK since I was never going to send her back there, anyway.  They gave me back my money and want me to go away.

OK, fine, I’ll go away, but not before writing this blog and telling all of Maggie’s friends about how we – me and my dog – were treated.

Your friend,






8/13/13 Home Again, and an Emergency


Home again after my stay at the PetsHotel from PetSmart

The family went on vacation for the weekend, and I went to the PetsHotel at PetSmart.

But first…there was an emergency.  Jamie went out on his skateboard and fell hard and hit the curb with his head.  He also skinned his knee very, very bloody.  When he came in the house he asked Mom, “Can you do something about this knee?”  Then he asked, “Is there anything on my head?”  Mom stayed calm, dealt with the blood and the lump, and called the doctor.  Long story short, Jamie does not have a concussion but has to take it easy for the rest of the day.  He’s pretty shaken up.  He’s usually pretty good about helmets and all but you know, the one day he doesn’t wear it…he’ll be OK though.

This stuff with Jamie happened about an hour and a half Human Time after I got home.  Let me tell you, it was quite the welcome back! 

While I was at the PetsHotel, I was treated like a Queen Dog.  Every day I had two sessions of individual playtime, peanut butter treats, my dog food from home, the nice humans administered my allergy medicine, and I had my blanket and a T-shirt of Mom’s.  At first I wasn’t sure what was going on.  Being a rescued dog, naturally I thought I was being given a different home.  But I realized I wasn’t in a true kennel and that Mom wouldn’t have given me such warm reminders of home if I wasn’t going back.

Everyone at PetsHotel was very, very nice to me.  I loved my playtime and they told Mom I was a good girl and a pleasure to have, and they couldn’t wait to see me back again.  But I admit, I really missed my family and this morning, when I saw Mom waiting to get me, I was filled with joy. 

I really didn’t know how to act, though.  I didn’t jump, but I gave a lot of kisses and tail wags.  There were all kinds of dogsmells at the lobby of the hotel and I was busy sniffing as well as greeting my human.  When I saw the little car and climbed in, I knew I was going home at last.  It seemed like I’d been gone a long time.  I collapsed in the back seat.

At the house, Mom and Jamie were delighted with me and I had a drink and some treats.  Then I lay down on my blanket that Mom had put on the floor, but I realized how exhausted I was from being in the hotel and crawled upstairs to go to sleep on my bed.

I took a good, long nap for most of the afternoon and Mom says Laurel is coming to walk me since she has to stay with Jamie.  I’m going to just lay around until then.

I’m glad Jamie is OK, and I’m very glad to be home.  Woof!

Love, Maggie