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1/20/15 It’s the Hairy Bullet!

The weather has warmed up and I’m feeling fresh n’ frisky. I can attest to being fresh as I just had a bath. You know what happens when I don’t have my collar on…BAM! The Hairy Bullet Rises!

I have been capering around the house like a giant puppy. Fortunately, Jamie cannot stay mad at me, which is good, because I have been giving him a Rough Ride lately. He has a name for a new game that I made up, the “Schnoz and Grab”.

In this game, I crack open Jamie’s bedroom door just enough to allow my nose to poke in. Then, unbeknownst to him, I snatch a shoe (or whatever else is lying there), and quickly back out into the  hallway for a satisfying chew. I have fooled him a number of times with my Hairy Stealth, but the last time, he caught me. Like I said, good thing he doesn’t stay mad.

Laurel came by and took me for a walk. Far from calming me down, it wound me up. When she unsnapped the lead, I saw Mom and made a mad dash for her and Pounce! I hit her full force in the abdomen with my front paws. She sat down on the couch fast, with an “ooof” sound. Mom wasn’t mad, either. But Laurel told me I should have been more careful.

Then, of course, there was the “blanket incident”:


‘Nuff said, I guess.

Finally, while in hot pursuit of a chew toy, I rocketed up the stairs, careened off the side of the wall, and whacked into Jamie with such force that I knocked him down almost a flight. Mom was alarmed by the loud thumping and bumping noises coming from above her head, and worried that Jamie might have broken something. But he was OK, and I got my toy, so it all ended up fine – right???

I hope the rest of the week is nice. My humans understand that I’m just a little stir crazy right now.

I’m sure we all are!

Woof! Love, Maggie


1/7/15 Tennis ball, anyone?

Brrrrr! -40 wind chills and schools are closed for the day!

Jamie and Mom broke out the tennis ball to give me some constructive playtime. I’m going a little stir crazy, and some tennis ball is just what the Vet ordered!


Now in the above picture it looks like my ear is cropped. I can assure you, my humans would never, ever, crop my ears or dock my tail. I gave my head a good shake and fixed my ear, then I was off, tearing up and down the stairs after the tennis ball with unbridled joy. Jamie threw the ball, it bounced once, and I caught it mid-air. Mom said I was a good girl! She also said, “It’s no wonder we don’t get new carpet,” but I don’t know what she’s talking about.

Then Jamie cornered me in the upstairs hallway. Oooh, he’s good. I had the tennis ball, and he stretched out on his back and stroked my face and jaw, telling me to give him the tennis ball. I was going to do it, too, but then Mom charged up the stairs, and I bolted into an upright position, and leaped over Jamie like Superman leaps over buildings with a single bound, only I fell a little short on my landing and…


Jamie was OK, Mom felt really, really bad, and I got the tennis ball and went to my spot on the landing.


All’s well that ends well, I guess!

Woof! Love, Maggie

10/6/14 A Foray Out

Mom decided to take a foray out of the house today. This was because Jamie’s glasses (which he uses as backup, and he is going to use for Swim in school) had a little tiny part break off. So she plopped me in the crate and took Jamie to the eye doctor, since the glasses are “under warranty”. She figured a quick pop in and out at the eye doctor could not be so bad.

It took like 3 hours. Not even kidding. The older lady (who had been off for 5 months) did not know how to use the computer at all, and what should have been a 20 minute process dragged on and on and on. She kept yelling at the other worker, too (“K—-! This button isn’t saving the screen!!”) The overly-harassed other worker finally said, “G—, I’m going to beat you!”

This is not the first time Mom has had problems there. She says now that things are fixed, she’s going to find another eye doctor! To her credit, the lady from the doctor’s office called to apologize later in the day.

Poor Mom. When she got home she was so tired, she fell asleep on the couch with her shoes on. Laurel came by to walk me and Mom could not even pick her head up off the couch!

I got a nice surprise today, besides a walk with Laurel, because Dad came home from work really early and we played chase the stick in the backyard:


Yes, I like BIG sticks. I’m a go big or go home kinda dog!

Then Jamie brushed me (because I had been by the weeds) and he is constantly checking me for ticks and stuff:


No buggies found, and I appreciate the good grooming!

Woof! Love, Maggie

4/28/14 “Gimme Dat!”

Probably my favorite game to play with my humans is, “Gimme Dat!”

The game starts by me choosing a toy, bone, rope, stick, or the like, and prancing over to my respective human with my ears up and my eyes bright.  I take a couple of graceful little leaps to let them know I am in a playful mood.  They always fall for it.

Immediately, said human says, “Gimme dat!” and makes a grab for what I have in my mouth.  Tonight it was one of the indestructible Nylabones.  Mom tried to get a pic of me mid-air but alas, only had the following fuzzies to show for it:


Note, butt in the air, tail waving.  Mom says, “Gimme dat!” and I make a mad dash for the upstairs:


At this point, Mom was able to get the bone away from me and toss it down the hallway.  Scramble!  Pounce!  I win!

My humans are pleased with me, as I tended to be very mindful of my toys, and now I have learned to not be aggressive about them.  Mom has even taken a toy right out of my mouth with no repercussions from me.  I have learned that she is going to throw the toy, and then I will get it back.

Gimme dat!  I love this game!  I can play it all night.  Until I get tired, then I want to crash in my chair.  Unfortunately, tonight, I chose the ottoman, and rolled right off it.  Thump!

I played it off, though, by going into “belly rub” mode.  After I got my belly rub, I climbed back on the chair and settled down.


I’m a sleepy, good girl!  Woof!  Love, Maggie

3/25/14 Nice While It Lasted

Well, the squirrely-squirrel is no more.  It was nice while it lasted:


All That Remains!  Jamie saved the squeaky part.

I had a lot of fun today with my new toys, despite the destruction of the squirrel.  Dad played “chase” with me, and I ended up in a tug-o-war with him over my new bone that left him sprawled face down on the stairs.  Muahahaha!  I win!  Score one for Magzilla, the Hairy Bullet!

Mom and I played “hide and seek” (I love that game!)  Mom hides, I go find her, then she tries to snatch my toy, and I scramble all over trying to evade her.  Then she hides again, and repeat.  I can play that all day! 

Mom and I went to pick Jamie up at school.  Had a quick brisk walk (only 26 degrees out) then back in Zeus to wait for Jamie.  I was so happy to see him!  And I was proud of myself that I didn’t barf in the car.  Mom had put towels down just in case.  Zeus is little and bumpy!

Ah…all in a day’s work!  Today my humans wore me out!


Have a good night, everyone!  Woof!  Love, Maggie

12/2/13 Sleep Tight

Just a couple of fun notes today.  This morning, the milkman delivered something in a weird looking container and it smelled like t.r.o.u.b.l.e.  I crouched low to the ground, ears back, sniffing intently, a growl in my throat, lips peeled back to show a tooth here and there.  But, nothing sinister popped out.  Mom finally put the thing away in the garage.  I’m going to be keeping a look out for it.  (Mom’s note:  the milkman delivered a portable, styrofoam cooler containing ice cream.  It had a block of dry ice in it!!  Thought Maggie was going to have a fit!)

Later, after everybody came home, Jamie took me out back to play.  He had a long pole with a “fur tail” on it.  He kept swinging the pole around for me to chase.  But I gave a tremendous leap and snagged it right out of his hands!  I ran full-blast, Hairy Bullet style through the yard, around and around.  I was really getting my speed up when I ran right into the side of the house.  Smack!  Mom heard my big ole head hit the brick wall and she came out, worried, a dishtowel in her hands.  But I just shook it off and made for the swingset.  Had a little headache, but I’m fine now.

So Mom said, “That’s enough playing in the yard for one day!”  Thus, Jamie took the lead and we went for a walk. While we were out, I encountered the round cardboard that a frozen pizza is packaged in.  It was just lying out in the open on a lawn en route to the park.  Today was garbage day, and it must’ve blown away from the garbage truck somehow.  Treasure Time!  Pounce!!!  I grabbed it in my jaws and chewed off the shreds of frozen cheese before Jamie could stop me.  Deee-licious!  Jamie stopped and pointed in my direction, intent on telling me to “leave it” but I surprised him by jumping up and licking his outstretched finger.  That’s me, Maggie, with Point-and-Lick technology.

Finally, Mom said that I wasn’t sleeping when I was put to bed at night in the crate.  Dad doesn’t hear very well, so Mom lay there listening to me whine night after night while Dad snored away.  She pleaded and pleaded with Dad to let me come back to their room IF I sleep on the dog bed.  Dad finally relented:


Mom took off the prong collar and all I can say is, “Aaaaaah.”

Sleep tight, humans, sleep tight.


Love, Maggie




8/17/13 They Only Play With the Box (Jamie’s B-day)


It seems like no matter what you give kids, they only play with the box.  I am no exception, as you can tell by the blurry picture. 

Jamie wanted a relaxing birthday, so he hung out, went to lunch, visited a garage sale, and played Race Track again with me.  We played for a long time and I got very excited by all the little cars whizzing around.  I kept trying to jump up and grab them.  Finally, I leaped up on the counter, snatched a box of Mom’s coffee on the fly, (I guess the grounds didn’t taste too bad, earlier), ducked away from Jamie, and ran upstairs to my favorite spot on the landing to chew the heck out of it. 

After the box was annihilated, I trotted back downstairs for a few more spins around the track.  This time, I got a chunk of it – one of the car launchers, exactly – and on my attempt to hit the staircase, Jamie managed to wrestle it out of my mouth.Image

Later, Mom and Dad whipped out a teeny-tiny birthday cake.  I was very interested in this cake, and sat patiently waiting for some.  However, it was chocolate, and chocolate is, of course, toxic to dogs.  The frosting, however, was vanilla buttercream, and Mom did slip me a taste.  It was good, but not as good as peanut butter.  Peanut butter is my favorite.

Overall, I’d say Jamie had a very good 13th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Jamie!

Woof!  Love, Maggie